31 Lessons from 31 Days of Continuous Blogging on Medium

Day 32/365: Writing is bliss! Besides that, although unimportant, I have the stats after the first month of the 365 days challenge

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5.000 people clicking on my Medium posts might not seem like a big number for you gurus, influencers or famous fortune tellers but for me, it really is huge. I live in a small country, in a small provincial city with about 40.000 inhabitants. The biggest events hall in our town has 500 seats. If my writings were a show, in one month I’d fully “booked” the entire place… 10 times!

Writing for 31 days has been great, to be honest. I’d expected it to be hard, as I sometimes feel moody for no reason (I know I’m a Psychology student, but that does not mean I don’t get moody. I do, we all do, let’s just move on) and that might jeopardise this project. But it didn’t! In fact, in the 2 or 3 bad days of this month, I managed to produce some of my very best posts.

31 lessons from 31 posts

I don’t really like recaps, but I went through every single one of my posts and I gathered 31 life lessons or quotes or simply things that were relevant about me or the article wrote in that day, and laid all of them down below.

1. Setting a goals list for the year ahead is common. Setting a realistic goals lists is healthy and manageable;

2. Routine is not that bad, and if you want to make writing a part of your life, simply make it part of your daily routine;

3. Insomnia is a b**ch, but it can also lead you to some pretty good work;

4. We all know happiness, but we can’t find it, we can’t explain it and we can’t define it;

5. “Sex” is a very good word if you want to attract a large group of diverse people onto your Medium blog;

6. Finding the Secret to Life often requires planning, routines and yes, the weird, scarce but trustful Instagram “7 things on a list” post;

7. Understanding why fear works the way it works is the first step towards overcoming it;

8. Being trustworthy to your readers and telling them everything about you is fun and extremely scary;

9. I am a freelancer, and the best part about it is I don’t feel like my job is going to kill me anymore;

10. Using the Mind Palace to go for groceries is just very cool;

11. Being put to choose from two impossible options naturally makes way for a third one;

12. Disappearing from Facebook for two weeks has more health benefits for you than a weekend at a spa;

13. Words are the most powerful source of good that we have, but also the most devastating source of evil;

14. Want to learn about yourself and life? Start with why;

15. The Million Dollars Question takes different shapes and sizes, but my favourite is the “Would one million dollars make you happy?” version;

16. The truth is low-cost carriers are just the best thing that has ever happened to air travel;

17. One apple a day can make you skinnier if you eat it at the right time;

18. “Taking your own life. Interesting expression. Taking it from who? Once it’s over, it’s not you who will miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else”;

19. Having your heart broken is like breaking a leg, as you feel both mental and physical pain sort of on the same levels on both situations;

20. Wanna wake up early and not hate it? Find purpose for it and you’ll be able to do it easier and easier;

21. Enjoying the little things is key to a happy life;

22. Facing your fears, one fear a day is the best plan you can have for eternity;

23. Harry Potter quotes changed my life and the life of hundreds of millions around the world for over 20 years;

24. Opening humanless stores in the Age of Anxiety is both great and terribly wrong at the same time;

25. Start every change that you want to see in the world with the man in the mirror;

26. Meeting Marilyn Manson was one of the most intense moments of my life;

27. 12 letters that can change your life? “It is what it is”;

28. Don’t confuse bad days with weakness. Those are the days you fight your hardest;

29. Never look for answers in other people, but within yourself;

30. It’s okay to tell your friend that you no longer like him, it’s not a sign of stupidity or weakness, but of maturity;

31. Cutting my Social Media intake to 10% of my normal usage was as simple as moving some icons on my phone’s screen;

You can check the links to each and every one of the posts that I wrote in January down below.

Stats? Here they are!

Notting spectacular happened in the Stats Department after a week of continuous writing. I never expected otherwise. To be honest, I am really happy with the stats. To have over 5.000 people click on my posts is amazing, and to have 2.500+ people read every single word of the posts that they read?

The best stats for me are the “Fans” stats because having 553 people engaging with my content is proof that I’m doing this the right way and there’s room for growth and improvement with every single new post

That feels both amazing and terrifying! Amazing because I know I’m not writing for an empty room, and terrifying because I feel responsible to write even better from now on, for the people that are actually reading my stuff. More than that, 553 different people Clapped or commented on my articles this month. That’s dedication!

My “viral” January post. I went… well, sort of, but I went viral!

There was one article that somehow managed to go “viral”, making its way to almost 3.000 hits. The rest were doing between 50 and 500 hits, with a good amount of them staying over the 200 hits limit, which is more than nice.

Plans for the remaining 11 months

No plans! As I said at the beginning of this challenge, there’s nothing that I want out of it but to finish it. I’m just going to keep writing, improving and enjoying it more and more. It liberates me to write about the stuff that I love, and for me, that’s a good enough reward.

You can’t go wrong with writing every single day. I write for a living, so writing one article a day about whatever I want takes the edge off regardless if I’m having a full or a skinny day. If I have a lot to write at the job, squeezing one article in is truly relaxing and gets me back to Earth.

If there’s not too much to write in the slow days, writing an article for the blog keeps me engaged and enables me to do what I do to be happy even if nobody is paying me for it. It’s a win-win situation!

Thank you for reading my stories. Here’s for another month, and then 10 more, and we’re done with it. Or not. Cheers! :)

Thank you for your time!

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