5 Cravings and How To Defeat Them

Day 111/365: Here are the 5 most common cravings, and how to battle them to the death!

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We all have cravings. It’s part of what makes us human. And from time to time, no matter how disciplined we are, we give in to them. I can’t go without a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos on my Friday nights. Or without my two scoops of gelato (pistachios and coconut) on Sundays. I just can’t.

But for the rest of the days of the week, I manage my cravings like a total boss. The tips below are just tips, so they might not work for all of you, but they do for me and they might for you as well. Learning to master your cravings is no easy task, but it’s so worth your time and effort!


The most famous of all cravings. You simply crave sugar, but not because your body needs so much of it, but because you made your body addicted to it. You ate chocolate and cake and drank refreshing beverages filled with sugar for the entirety of your life. It’s normal to have an addiction to it then.

“Eat less sugar. You’re sweet enough already!”

There are 7 teaspoons of sugar in a small 330ml can of Coca-Cola. 7 TEASPOONS! If that’s not enough information for you to get away from eating sweets, learn that you should have no more than 9 teaspoons of added sugar each day, as in, sugar added to foods or drinks. Specialists even say that you should have no more than 5, especially if you want a healthy diet.

In order to avoid sugar, the no.1 enemy of life, I simply eat fruits and have one square of chocolate right before bed. Bananas are my favourite, but also apples, young coconut meat and mangos. They are all delicious!

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If you really are a sweets fan, transform your breakfast into a sweet delight. Have some corn flakes with yoghurt, and then top that off with bananas, homemade jam and coconut flakes.


This is another craving that gets to the most of us. I love bread! I love sourdough, I love seeds, I love buns, I love croissants, I love pizza! Who doesn’t love bread? The truth is, we all do. So how do you fight off this craving, once and for all?

“Give us Lord our daily bread”

You simply don’t! You heard that right. Instead of fighting this craving every single day and killing yourself in the process, the simple way to avoid overeating bread is to simply add it to your diet, but in small quantities.

For example, if you wake up craving bread, toast some good quality bread up and then make an avocado and eggs toast. If you’re planning on having some soup for lunch, hold that craving for noon and have a piece then. Never have bread at dinner, or after you’re done with your physical exercise!

If you want to totally avoid bread, there are healthier options that don’t contain as much of the bad stuff as regular bread does. You can try thin crisps for example, or 100% rye bread. They’re good, but not for everybody. I’ve tried eating just those two but failed miserably. Moderation is key!

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Getting out to bike or do anything physical after a long day of writing is the last thing anyone would be excited about doing. It’s so hard, you can’t even think about putting on shoes and filling up your water bottle. Heck, even those two tasks feel like an impossible thing to do.

Lazy people fact 201455982: you were too lazy to read that number. You lazy bastard…”

Instead, you crave lounging. Hop on the sofa, turn on Netflix and catch up on your favourite series. So how do you avoid this craving for lounging? Simply by allowing yourself some time to actually lounge before going out.

Set an alarm for 30 minutes after you sat down. Enjoy those thirty minutes to the fullest. Put the phone away, sit comfortably, browse the telly and relax. When those 30 minutes are up, you’ll get the feeling that you’ve been sitting down forever, because the brain can’t say if you’d actually stayed there for half an hour, or 4 hours.


I only put driving as a craving here because I sometimes simply want to drive somewhere to relax. Besides that, driving is so easy for us, we simply take it for granted every single day of our lives. We just hop into the car and go wherever we want, whenever we please.

“Some days, nothing beats a really good drive”

A simple way to overcome this craving is by buying a bike. Or a public transport card, depending on where you live. I don’t get public transport in my neck of the woods, so buying a bike significantly reduced my car usage in the last month. By 50% or so, if I now think about it.

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I use it for everything these days. I do the groceries with it, I go visit my friends or my family in another part of town and I even go for rides that last for hours, just so that I can get to where I need to. It’s so freeing, so good for your health and so… FREE! No money spent on gas, no troubles.


I am now one month away from when I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I am now one month away from when I logged out of Facebook on my laptop, deleted the little-bookmarked icon below the Chrome HTTP bar, and only used Facebook when I absolutely have to.

“Facebook is like my fridge. I keep checking on it, but there’s still nothing there…”

I feel like a different person. No bullshit. I feel like my mom felt a month after she quit smoking, after doing it for 25 years. I feel refreshed, my mind has never been clearer than right now and I simply don’t feel any more urge to check on what people on Facebook are posting.

I can’t believe it took me 7 years to realise Facebook is nothing but a HUGE waste of time. It kept me from opening my freelance gig, from doing the things I love, writing more and better, attending my classes and so on.

If you want to do better in life, do as I did and leave Facebook behind. Life happens outside of this stupid craving that so many people are consumed by. You don’t have to delete your account, there’s no need for radical measures. Just do as I did, delete the app on the phone and only login once or twice per day from the laptop, and you’ll thank me.

What’s your favourite craving? Let me know in the comments section!

Thank you for your time!

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