69 Things You Should Definitely NOT Know About Me

Day 8/365: Nr. 42, 48 and 61 are definitely NOT supposed to be online…

Since I’ll be doing this writing exercise every single day, all year long, I decided this would be a great opportunity to give you guys some insides about me. Down below are 69 things that make me who I am. Some of them are quite normal, some are quite personal and some… let’s just say they should not be on the World Wide Web. Still, this is a blog and I promised I’ll play by the rules, hoping that nothing bad will come out of it.

Here’s me in 69 particularities that define who I truly am:

1. One time, I vomited right near the toilet. So close, yet so far…

2. I never had surgery

3. I never had a single blood test

4. My favourite summer destination is the mountains

5. My favourite winter destination is the sea

6. My favourite city on Earth is Rome

7. I’ve never seen an ostrich or a camel in real life

8. I don’t like KFC, but I always have it for my birthday

9. My favourite learning method is writing

10. I broke my right leg twice, both times in my living room. I also broke my hand falling off of a hoverboard

11. I never trust wooden floors (see no. 10)

12. I don’t hate the mall, but I hate parking at the mall

13. My best friend is an ex. priest turned comedian

14. My favourite comedian is Eddie Griffin, but I also laugh at my friend’s joke

15. Starbucks makes me bloated, no matter what I have from them. Probably psychosomatic…

16. I loved my job as a journalist and sometimes I miss it

17. My future wife is well hidden somewhere

18. I only had 3 serious relationships until now

19. My favourite book is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

20. My favourite condoms brand is Durex

21. My favourite movie is Intouchables

22. My favourite book series is Harry Potter

23. My favourite book of 2017 is Origins by Dan Brown

24. My favourite non-Dan Brown related book is Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

25. If there’s a light source on, no matter how tiny, in my bedroom I can’t sleep even for a second

26. I read the same books over and over again

27. I never had a full can of Coke in my life

28. I took 14 flights until now, half of them in my first year of flying

29. My favourite food is… we’ll get back to that

30. Between chocolate and chips, I always go with chips

31. My favourite religion is Buddhism

32. I am super afraid of the dentist, driving in a big city and staying more than 10 minutes in a line

33. My blood sugar this morning was 82 and my blood pressure was 124 over 77

34. I hate taking down the Christmas Tree, so I’ll leave it up until the end of March

35. My favourite Youtube channel is Food Wishes

36. I only eat soup if it’s extremely hot

37. My favourite hobby growing up was card magic

38. My favourite hobbies now are reading, Netflix and anything that has to do with Psychology

39. I love to travel and someday I’ll do it full time

40. I’ve visited 10 countries so far

41. I only take notes in my classes on a specific kind of notebooks

42. I pee while I brush my teeth

43. Getting my hair fixed is impossible

44. My favourite country so far is Macedonia

45. I have 52 decks of playing cards, which is also the number of cards in a deck of cards

46. I have a fake thumb for magic tricks

47. I own 3 elastic bands so thin, you can barely see them, also for magic

48. I once lost a jacket at a hotel in Athens. I tell people I’m okay with it, but I’m really not

49. My favorite wine is any wine

50. Instagram over Facebook, Youtube over Netflix, and no Twitter

51. In Rome, I almost fainted when I first saw the Colosseum

52. I never fainted in my life

53. I once had a nosebleed so bad, I had to go to the ER

54. My favorite stores are toy stores

55. Whenever I ride the metro, I feel like I can’t breathe

56. I love looking at planes landing or taking off

57. My dream job is something that has to do with writing, travelling and life coaching combined

58. My favorite ice cream flavour is pistachios

59. I still live with my parents, but I have big plans for 2018

60. I have 4.400 followers on Instagram

61. The only way you could convince me to go on a rollercoaster is by knocking me down

62. I own a Blackberry, a PS3, a Game Boy and a printer, but I rarely use them

63. Four years ago, a stranger gave me his Kindle and I still use it every single day. I still have no idea who the man is, but thank you! #truestory

64. I once got a flat on the highway and had to wait 4 hours to get it fixed, because my spare tire was damaged

65. There are no decent pizza restaurants in my home town, which is why I sometimes get the blues for no reason

66. My favorite color is black

67. I don’t like weddings, funerals or any other types of gatherings where I have to wear a tie

68. I laugh uncontrollably, sometimes even in inappropriate social situations, like at funerals

69. I’m in an underground parking lot as I’m writing this, having Starbucks and getting bloated

Thank you for your time!

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