9 Reasons to Start Reading More Today

Day 36/365: Reading is a habit that grow on us the more we grow up, which is odd because we hate it as youngsters…

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After applying the tricks that I’ve written about in this article, I came up with a list of 9 reasons why you should start reading more today. After just a few days from starting to read more than before, I started seeing these benefits for myself and I have to admit, I was a fool for not reading more until now. I guess there’s no such thing as “too late”, so if you’re late on your reading, get to it.

1. It generates quietness

Why do we read? Most of us do it mainly because we look for some quiet time. When there’s no other way to get that precious alone time, reading is a good excuse. You feel the most at peace while reading, which pays off for when you’re having a hard day or getting ready for a long week for example.

2. It stimulates brain activity

Reading increases your brain waves activity, which translates to a better thinking experience. Having an engaged and alert brain especially when you have to use it for work is crucial, as it keeps your work at its best and lets you deal with any tasks you’re presented with more efficiently.

3. It reduces stress

Think about three things that are better than reading a book under a warm blanket, with a hot cup of cocoa at your side. It’s hard, isn’t it? Now think about the way you feel when you’re right into it, when you block out any thoughts and distractions. Reading reduces stress just like jogging, with both being compared to “natural Xanax” by psychiatrists.

4. It benefits your vocabulary

You can’t develop a good vocabulary without reading. It’s the best way to learn a new language, to empower speaking capabilities and to get you to better understand others regardless of their educational background. The only way to get better at speaking is by reading a lot.

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5. It grows your analytical thinking

Finding patterns between characters, making sense of their ways of dealing with problems and seeking the truth in a novel is not just a quick fix for when you want some fun. It also grows your analytical thinking, it simply teaches you how to think, solve problems and take everything into account before making any decision about anything.

6. It offers free relaxation

You might be a fan of going to the movies, a bowling alley or a coffee shop for relaxation, but if you need a quicker and free way of doing it, then reading a book fixes the problem in no time. You don’t need to spend money on new books, as you surely have a lot of titles that are pending on your reading list.

7. It amplifies your writing abilities

Probably the best reason to start reading more today is for you to become a better writer. We all use writing every day, in a professional or normal matter, yet writing is our main way of communication with the outside world. Getting better at it requires a strong knowledge of the dialogue, which can be found plentifully in books.

8. It raises awareness and concentration

Being aware is hard, but it’s the norm now. We are easily distracted by our phones, laptops and everything that is electronic, so keeping your focus in the present and on what’s in front of you is hard. Yet, it’s possible with practice, with reading being a great tool, along with meditation, for example, to help you develop your awareness and concentration.

9. It brings knowledge

Finally, reading is all about gaining new knowledge before anything else. You learn a lot regardless of what you read, be it a self-help book about how to be more productive, a novel about love and relationships or a poem that just makes you float after you read it. Life is all about learning and if you do just a little more reading each day, you are on the right track of living it.

P.S.: Why not 10 reasons? I don’t like round numbers…

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