Becoming The Best Is Total Bullshit

Day 88/365: Stop dreaming about being the best, you’re wasting precious time and everything else in the process…

“I don’t have big muscles, I’m not tall. I have power inside, I fight” — Simona Halep

You will never get to be the best at what you do. There are always going to be people that are better than you, but you know what? Even they will never get to be the best at what they do. If I were to wish to become the best writer… what does that even mean? Does it mean that I want to become the next Tolstoi, or Steinback, or to come up with the next “Harry Potter” like success?

Does it mean I’d like to earn over 1 billion dollars just from writing? Is that even possible? Maybe it is, but does that make me the best writer on the planet or just a dude who is great at writing and has a lot of zeros displayed on his bank account? What would it take for me to get to that sum, and would it be worth it to spend all of my time and effort to get there?

What does it mean to be the best at what you do?

Can you get there? The simple answer is no. Becoming the best at what you do is simply bullshit, an unobtainable, fantasy thought that beasts on your mind and easily destroys it while you turn miserable and restless at why you’re not the best, the amazing, the most of the mosts at your thing.

Take Simona Halep for example, WTA’s number one player. According to the charts, she is absolutely the best tennis player in the women’s competition. Like, the best. Number one. No other player is better than her. She could steer up a tennis racket and come up with a portion of cajun fries, that’s how good she is when it comes to tennis.

“It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday” — Unknown

But still, Simona never won a Grand Slam before. She got into the finals of many, but there was always someone who was better than her. What does that mean? She is the very best, right? She should be able to win every single match that she plays with ease, right?

Being the absolute best shouldn’t even be an option

Being the best at something is an illusion. There is no such thing as “I’m the best tennis player in the world”, or “I’m the best singer on the planet”, or anything else in those lines. Instead of thinking about being the best and trashing yourself trying to get there, you might want to simply become better at what you do, day by day.

Do the stuff you want and love to do over and over, become better at it, but never try and reach for the stars, because the stars are millions of light-years away and it’s useless to try and reach them.

By setting achievable goals for your profession or personal life, working on them daily, on improving yourself on a daily basis and keeping things real when you face a setback, you’re getting the best of the best out of yourself, and that is a healthy, reasonable and fun way of living life. Start comparing yourself to others, and you’ll only face the treacherous consequences.

Thank you for your time!

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