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Day 94/365: If you’re having a bad day, just think about the red helicopter and thank God for not being its passenger…

So many memories in this photo. My very first logo in the bottom right-hand corner, one of my very first on-site reporting of a serious accident (the victim fell off a crane some 20 feet high) and the red helicopter

I started this Wednesday very wrong. I got a new client in the morning, which is always great, but then I went on one of the platforms I work on and saw that a client left a lower-than-perfect private rating on a job. He left a 5-star rating for the public to see, but only gave me a 9 out of 10 recommendation mark for the private section of the review.

Now he might be a perfectionist and never give people more than a 9 as a grade to someone, because 10 is for the PhD’s and stuff, but the thing is, the private scores that I get still reflect on my public score, so my score is now at 91% from 100% a few days ago, just because of that client’s 8 or 9 grade.

This infuriated me at first, so I slammed the laptop down, drove to my favourite pastry shop and got a meat lovers pastry. We get that here, yes. I ate it on the pavement in front, thanked the nice lady at the counter and then drove off to the bikes shop to get a lock for my new bike.

I was still infuriated because of my now lower-than-perfect score, but then I started to think about it.

In reality, 95% of my future clients will never even look at my job score when hiring me. If they don’t like my pitch, if they don’t see me as a good fit for their project or if the Skype call goes wrong, they will simply not hire me, and that’s fine. There are thousands of freelancers on the same platform who have perfect, 5 stars ratings on their public profiles, and that earn thousands of dollars a month but are nowhere near a 90% job score, and they are just fine and freelancing away, as they should be.

Going mad about a silly algorithm is no way to spend your Wednesday morning, and so I decided to just let it be. That’s when an Emergency Services helicopter passed over my head. I instantly remembered the many situations in which, working as a journalist, I reported on the people who were carried away by that red helicopter from an accident scene.

Blood was gushing out of them. They were barely alive and they were depending on the medical staff to help them stay on this Earth. After seeing so much suffering from all of the news that I reported on and that involved the red helicopter, I decided to never get angry about anything in my entire life ever again, and to always remember that, when I feel like I’m having a bad day, it’s all just an illusion that can be managed with a deep breath.

The person who is taking a ride in the red helicopter, yes, he or she is having a bad day. I don’t. End of story.

Thank you for your time!

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