Coming Home After A Trip

Day 312/365: The only cure is another trip…

“aerial photo of city” by Rohan Reddy on Unsplash

You guys know how much I struggle when coming home after a trip. Regardless of its shape and size. And how the only cure is to book another trip. This time around, I’ve managed to do the impossible. I’ve managed to score the next trip just DAYS after this one.

So after such a full and adventurous trip like this Istanbul one was, I’m leaving for Florence on Tuesday, where I’ll do some sightseeing, but mostly work from this incredibly beautiful hotel I found online.

Sure, I’ll see Florence, a bit of Bologna and the leaning tower from Pisa, but I’ll spend the afternoons working for my clients. It will be a real work and travel trip, this one, probably the very first real work and travel trip of the year. It’s a good practice session for me, as I want to see if I can really combine real work and travel in my trip.

If that’s the case, I’ll have plenty more of these travel and work trips next year. I’ll probably start working more on planes, busses, trains and so on. I work on my 1-hour train from home to Timisoara all the time now, and it’s been great. I set my goal to write one or two articles until we arrive and, so far, I’ve yet to fail the timeframe. And it’s so cool to work from anywhere, let’s be honest!

I’m off to bed now. I say this but, in reality, I’m probably on a plane still and a few hours away from home. See you tomorrow!

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