Day in the Life of a Freelance Content Creator

Day 86/365: This is what a good day looks like in the life of a freelance writer. Don’t even start me on the bad ones…

7:25 AM

Why am I up at this hour? I went to bed at 2 AM last night, because “Santa Clarita Diet” is probably the most amazing show ever! I don’t have a schedule, I’m a freelancer, why the hell am I up at this hour?!?

7:35 AM

Should I open my phone?

7:36 AM

I open my phone.

8:45 AM

Wtf? I just checked Instagram and some emails, and listened to some Spotify, when did all of that time go?

9:00 AM

Breakfast is ready! Cereals with chocolate milk for the win, although I have no plans for any physical activity today. Wait, does walking around the aisles at the supermarket count? I guess…

9:32 AM

Quick run outside of the den for some errands and some shopping for lunch. I get a salad mix and some dressing and also, a bottle of wine. I’m a writer, I can be drunk after the working hours. Ask anyone.

9:39 AM

Bought some salads at the groceries store and had a little moment with a pretty cashier. Everything went wrong when I realised I’d left my card in the car. Stupid, stupid STUPID!!!

10:14 AM

Back home, ready to start the day!

10:19 AM

Opened my notebook and started working on the first task of the day: writing about a slots machine game called Captain Venture. I remember the time I went to a slots machines place and losing all of my lunch money for a week in like 5 minutes or so.

10:38 AM

Oh boy! A client just reached out to me to invite me to write for his new blog. If this turns into a contract, I might spend my New Years Eve in Dubai!

10:42 AM

Nevermind, it was a weird guy who wanted me to write 1000 articles for $1000, which is ridiculous. About that New Years Eve thing, I think I might be able to afford Bulgaria or something similar…

11:49 AM

Done with the first 3 articles of the day, now let’s write something on Medium and have lunch!

12:30 PM

Lunch is done, ready for the last two articles of the day.

12:53 PM

One of my clients is unresponsive for more than a week. This gets me worried. I immediately get attached to the people I work with, not just for their money, but just because I’m a nice person. I hope he’s okay, although I have a bad feeling about this…

13:05 PM

Only 2 articles left, the long ones. I always leave the most of my work for after lunch, because for some reason I find it easier to work with food in my stomach. I love food, cooking and I’d love a redhead girlfriend who is a good cook and wouldn’t mind cooking for me. I’d love her…

14:45 PM

One article remaining. Catching up on some emails, the eyes are runny already and the hands feel like they’re about to fall off any minute now. Better get the Emergency phone number on speed dial…

14:59 PM

The unresponsive client finally wrote back. He was in the hospital for a few days with severe stomach pains. I knew it!

15:51 PM

All done for the day! With the remaining available time, I’ll just finish watching the last two episodes of “Santa Clarita Diet” and then maybe go out for a tea or something. I have a lot of free time today, which is unusual, but I’m glad I was able to stick to my schedule and finish everything in a considerably normal amount of time.

16:44 PM

Casually checking on this draft to see if it’s still here. Surprise, it is! Under 3 hours until I hit that Publish button, the 86th time this year. Only 279 times to go. Mom must be proud…

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