Dieting and Sex, a Psychological Approach

Day 54/365: How to implement a diet that works using your brain more than your belly or the gym membership

The truth is every single diet on the internet, even the ice cream diet, they all work. It’s true. They never work for you, but they do work. Why? Because you never have the willpower to hold onto them. Don’t make me go into details here, you know what I’m talking about. You go for a new diet, you stick to it, it works, but then it all starts with a piece of chocolate on Friday night.

After that comes Saturday, and you’re out with friends and of course you order the cheese platter and a cheesecake at the end of the meal, and sip through a bottle of wine for the rest of the night.

And, three days later, you step on the scale and the numbers are out of this world. You can’t understand how is it that you are still overweight when you put in so much effort into a diet that ruined your dinners and everything else.

The Secret

In order for a diet to work, the only way to approach it is by applying the psychological method. And by that I mean setting up a mindset that is so proofed, it can’t be ruined by immediate gratification.

Immediate gratification is what us people want the most in life. We want good food now, we want sex now, we want (a huge amount of) money now. Not tonight, not next week, not in 3 months. NOW!

We can achieve things like food and sex and even money now and easily, but for the long run, for those goals that we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, we need to implement a set of mind rules to help us reach them.

That comes through later rewarding, a psychological approach in which we are constantly telling ourselves why is it that we don’t eat bread or cake, why we renounced our job in order to do what we love and so on.


  • immediate gratification: eat now and have a blast, but regret it later;
  • later rewarding: eat well and healthy, reserve one “anything can happen” dinner for Friday nights, see results in the long run and stick to it;


  • immediate gratification: go to your meaningless job and get a paycheck at the end of the month;
  • later rewarding: bear it to be poor now, work on your goals day after day, never give up and eventually, the money will come;


  • immediate gratification: go out, get a hookup and satisfy your carnal pleasures at the end of the night;
  • later rewarding: work on yourself, meet a great person and hold back for him or her, make love to your significant other, not meaningless sex, as it feels 10x times better.

These are just three examples that came to mind right now, but the rule of later rewarding over immediate gratification can be applied in any domain of life. Everything that you do, including dieting, happens in your mind first. Not at the gym, nor at the dinner table, but inside of your own mind.

Control that desires for immediate gratification, constantly reminding yourself why is it that you decided to be going through with this until the end and pinpointing the later reward clearly, and you can control your world.

Thank you for your time!

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