DIY: How To Give Your Dad a Heart Attack

Day 37/365: Do not try this at home!

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I’m a strong believer in laughter. I believe that laughing a problem in its face is the only way of finally breaking through it. We are so good at making a problem seem huge or impossiblse to solve, when in fact if we’d stop taking it so seriously and simply have a little laugh at it, we’ll soon be able to overcome it and move on with our lives. But nooo, we can’t do that!

My dad had just arrived home from work. As he is my dad and I know him for 25 years and counting, I saw something was wrong with him. He told me he got pulled over by a cop and he got a huge ticket for speeding. My dad is a huge motorcycles fan, so he used to ride one big Suzuki bike to and from work every single day.

Speeding, as you might know, is just instinctual on a big bike like that. My dad was always very cautious, but that day he was in a hurry, so he got to drive at an illegal speed and eventually got pulled over, got a fine and well, that’s about it. Here comes the dramatic part.

He acted like he got tased and arrested, catastrophising his whole month for the simple fact that he’d gotten a pitty speeding ticket and went away without anything else.

Later that day, just after dinner, he was taking his nap as usual and I could not help myself. I got into his room and yelled, as loud as I could, “POLICE!!! GET ON THE GROUND NOW!” while he was sound asleep.

Shortly after, I was cut off from pocket money for a month and my mum checked his blood pressure. I got him pretty good. I was scared as hell!

“You will so pay for this, you crazy kid!” he said. I guess watching too much “Cops” is a bad habit. Bad boys, bad boys, Whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

UPDATE: He was fine. Tough guy, he likes motorbikes and takes a nap after every dinner…

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