Expectations and Goals are Overrated

Day 138/365: The future is never the way you imagine it

Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

When I was young, I used to hitchhike to my uncle’s house, some 7 miles out of my village. I remember how I used to see the cars pass by me and wonder how great it would be to be able to have my own car, regardless of its value, shape, manufacturer and so on. To just be able to drive wherever I want, at any time of day or night.

My first car

Then I got a car and a drivers licence. It was a rusty, 2001 Dacia, a Romanian car that costed about $500 with taxes and everything. It was and still is hideous, as you can see from the picture above, but it was simply a blessing from the Heavens. I had my own wheels, and there was no more hitchiking for hours just to be able to get somewhere.

But after a while, I wanted some more. So I went to the bank, talked to a nice guy and got a new car. I’m still paying for it, yes. I was over the utility of the car, and wanted to have a great vehicle. I was over the uglyness of it, and wanted something modern, with a lot of electronic features and a lock.

I got a new car, and I was simply amazed by the difference. I set my goal, and then I went for it and fullfiled my expectations. It was great doing so, but in the end, the two cars do exactly the same thing.

Moving out

When I was young, all I ever dreamed off was to move out of the house. I dreamed of having my own little space somewhere in the city, where I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

But over the years I found the idea was not just unproductive and expensive, but ridiculous. I’d have to give up my family and friends, my rent-free life and all that made me, me. All of that to be able to live alone and do what?

Cry alone over the fact that I have no money, no friends and no space in my kitchen?

If it weren’t for my parents house, I could have never been able to open the freelancing website, because I could have never afforded one year of living off Fiverr gigs, trying and failing dozens of times and the struggle in between.

I still have “moving out” on my to-do list for this year. But it’s not a goal, an expectation from myself. It’s just another to-do item. And if I fail at it, who cares? Living alone does have its benefits, but also a lot of negatives and lacks.


Expectations and goals should never be taken too seriously. Yes they are healthy, they make you move, they grow you. But they are not everything.

Goals are always changing over the course of our lives. They are subject to relativity. One day you dream about getting a new car and having a blast driving it. The other you’re fine with your old piece of crap, because you’re better off saving some money for the house.

One day you’re all set for moving out and starting a life on your own. The next you’re scared out of your mind to stay alone for even one night, so you reconsider and come to realise it was a selfish goal that would’ve never actually benefited you the way you’ve imagined it in the first place.

Set your goals straight, work on them, but never take them too seriously.

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