Facebook Charged Me $5 for 5 Clicks, Which is Ridiculous

Day 110/365: This is absolutely disastrous…

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

As you know already, I recently opened a personal website for my writing services. I’m not just blogging here on Medium, I also have to eat, you know. Well, I do eat less nowadays, because I’m fat and I’m a freelancer at the end of the day (we can’t afford food every day, you know) but that’s another story. For the website, I decided to do a trial run of a Facebook advert.

I decided to do it not because I’m running out of clients. Fortunately, I’m set for the rest of the summer. I simply wanted to make some more potential clients aware of my services and my website which costs me $25 to have per month. Thanks, Wix! I went to the platform, set up the ad and gave it a go.


The Facebook advertising tool is a disaster. A joke, I might add. A novelty, a cruel prank on what advertising should be. I put in $3 per day for 7 days, so I’d have to pay about $21 at the end of the week. The tool estimated a total reach of 200 people per day, from which 7 to 19 (ding ding, that’s where I knew we’ll be having issues) would click on my website.

Over the course of three days, 5 people in total clicked on my website. The post was viewed by over 600 people, but just 5 decided to click on it. That is simply disastrous, there’s no other word to describe it.

Facebook did a terrible job targeting my audience, which I previously targeted myself especially to the people who were involved in writing, business and needed some freelance writing to be done for them.

I targeted some big European cities in which I already have great clients.

The result? Well, feast your eyes!

Facebook charged me $1 per click, well, one Euro, which is a little more than a dollar, but who’s counting, right? I got no actual leads from the ad, just clicks and reach, which was certainly good, but not beneficial for me.

I simply spent $5 to have Facebook show my website to a bunch of people who had no interest in writing services and then had 5 of those people click on it.

I am certain that these are the last months of Facebook.

And it’s a good thing. People spend way too much time on the platform, for no good reasons. People should go out, enjoy themselves, go biking, go for a nice walk, travel, eat a good meal at a restaurant, have gelato on the riverbank, work out, do some actual work, do anything else!

People should delete Facebook and get back to living, because Facebook is useless, no matter if you’re using it for personal or business reasons.

Thank you for your time!

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