Fast Sunday 1: Fear

Day 7/365: Explain fear, and you can remove it

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Fast Sundays: Every Sunday, I’ll write a 300 words post on different topics of interest, after starring at the blank laptop screen for 3 minutes. Whatever pops into my mind at the end of the 3 minutes mark, that’s what I’ll scribble below.

In order to get over something, an emotion, for example, you first need to name it. Not only that, but you need to have it explained so that you know why, not what, that thing is what it is. The why is more important because it makes you understand what you’re dealing with, which is far more important than the thing itself.

It’s futile to know you have anxiety, for example, if you don’t know how anxiety works, why it does what it does to your body and what is it that you can do to stop it. Anxiety is nothing more than looking at fear from below, seeing it on a throne and just waiting for the worst case scenario to unfold, fearing everything that has to do with what you’re afraid of.

Fear, just like anxiety, which is nothing but a higher form of the first one, is something that our brains produce. It doesn’t exist in our bodies, you cannot touch it, but does that not make it real?

You can feel the goosebumps, heart palpitations and so on when you fear something, but are those things real? What is fear? Simply put, fear is the absence of courage. That’s why it does not exist. It’s like darkness, which is nothing more than the absence of light, not a thing in itself.

Fear is something that we create in our minds. It then starts crushing waves of despair, of real, palpable symptoms through our bodies, which makes it seem real. But it’s not real. It’s just the absence of certainty, responsibility and courage. Gather those within yourself and you can master fear.

We’re creating fear in our minds. Fear doesn’t exist, you just have to do it, so go for it! — Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

The next time you fear something, try switching on the light.

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