Fast Sundays 11: London Trip Highlights

Day 77/365: I just got back from the coolest trip ever!

Fast Sundays: Every Sunday, I write a 300 words post on different topics of interest, after starring at the blank laptop screen for 3 minutes. Whatever pops into my mind at the end of the 3 minutes mark, that’s what I’ll scribble below.

I’m extremely tired, so don’t expect very much else than some pictures from this Fast Sunday. I’ve just returned back home from a 4-days trip to London, one of the coolest cities on Earth. Back in 2017, on my first trip there, I actually hated it. It felt harsh, cloudy and claustrophobic.

The second time around, I found London to be one of my top 3 favourite cities that I’ve ever visited. This was my best trip since Rome in 2015, and I have to say, I’ve enjoyed every second of it. These are just some of the highlights of the trip, but do expect more articles on London in the days ahead!

Firstly, if you’re flying on Stansted Airport, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Stansted Express train service to London Liverpool Street. The return ticket costs about $35, but you get to central London in 45 minutes, the station is underneath the Arrivals Terminal and everything is fast and hassle-free.

I visited the Wembley Stadium as my cousin, who is into football and joined me to London for this short trip, really wanted to see at least one of the epic stadiums in London on the inside. I have to admit I had low expectations about it, but it turned out to be an amazing experience. Our guide was very well prepared and informative, the tour was about 75 minutes long and we saw everything, from the field to the stands, the VIP rooms and the lockers. It was bonkers!

The “Aladdin” production at the “Prince Edwards Theatre” was definitely the highlight of the highlights of my trip to London. I worked for about 2 months on a freelance project in which I had to write a presentation about every single Broadway and West End play and musical, which rekindled my love for Aladdin. The musical was absolutely breathtaking! Everything from the sets, to the music, the acting and the jokes, it was pure Disney magic!

No, I didn’t see “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, but on my next trip to London, I’m definitely going to see it. At least I saw the theatre!

If you’re looking for a great sushi place in London, try Kappa in Kensington. The sushi was fresh and beautifully made, the shrimp tempura was light and delicious and the miso soup was sweet and very suiting. They even gave us a miso and water on the house, as they have an extremely kind staff and great and fast service! Everything you see on the table costed about $30, which is more than reasonable for a London lunch for 2.

Also, make sure you check out Patty&Bun near Liverpool Street Station for the best burger you’ll ever have. Seriously, I’m a foodie, and when I tell you this is going to be the best burger of your life, you better believe me! Here’s my complete review of the place.

I also visited the British Museum, central London, the financial district with the Shard and the Gerkin and a few other places, but more about those in future posts. For now, I hope you had a great week and are ready for a new work week. I am certainly not, but hey, I need to make some more money for my next trips, don’t I? Kudos!

P.S.: Thank you for your patience with my cheat, 7-days series about my favourite things. You can read about them in my last 7 posts, of course.

P.P.S.: All photos in this article are mine and should not be used without mentioning the source (“Gabriel Iosa-Medium” with an active link to this post) Thank you for understanding!

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