Fast Sundays 12: You Need To Relax!

Day 84/365: Are you gonna spend Saturday night watching TV? Yes, yes I am, and it’s totally fine!

Fast Sundays: Every Sunday, I write a 300 words post on different topics of interest, after starring at the blank laptop screen for 3 minutes. Whatever pops into my mind at the end of the 3 minutes mark, that’s what I’ll scribble below.

Last week, I went on a 4-days-long trip to London. I had the most fun in the last 6 months, to be honest, but I got home drained. I got to do some work this past week, but to put it as it happened, I wasn’t in the mood for any work. I did it because I had to and because I have bills (and trips!) to pay, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as it normally is.

Saturday night, my friend asked me to go out and have some fun. A drink, maybe a game of Hold’Em, something simple and entertaining. I declined, not because I was too tired to go out, but simply because I wanted to completely relax before the new work week.

I’m not big on going out every other night, and after a week of going out every night and having a blast, I need my time-out and I need to relax because if I don’t, I’m useless. I can’t function, I get creative blockages, and then I cry. Well, I don’t, but I eat a bar of chocolate, and then I do cry…

Taking your time to relax, even when you feel like you can go and do some more, is very important. If you’re going out daily, having drinks and coming home at 4 in the morning, you’re doing it wrong.

Even if you don’t feel like you have to stay in sometimes, the relaxation time is as important as a healthy diet, exercise and so on. Keep in mind that you don’t feel tired or burned out until you literally fall into your bed and can’t move.

In order to avoid that, allow for relaxation time during your weekends, complete relaxation hours in which you do nothing but listen to some music, read a good book or watch some Netflix. It pays back in spades and you’ll forever feel better about yourself, your work and just be more happier.

Thank you for your time!

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