Fast Sundays 13: Bad Luck

Day 91/365: We all create our own bad luck…

Fast Sundays: Every Sunday, I write a 300 words post on different topics of interest, after starring at the blank laptop screen for 3 minutes. Whatever pops into my mind at the end of the 3 minutes mark, that’s what I’ll scribble below.

99% of the time, we are the source of our bad luck. We complain about having the most terrible jobs, but who made us go to that school and become the office rat or factory worker that we are? We don’t like the fact that we don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend, but who is to blame for our lack of wanting to even start and work on a relationship?

My point is, luck and the absence of it are just a trick that our minds play on us in order to make us feel better about our successes or failures.

Luck is an illusion

I know a guy who had a very “unlucky” day one day. He was walking on a bridge in London and stumbled upon a dude playing the Three Card Monte scheme in the middle of the walkway. This guy is not me, and has nothing to do with my recent trip to London. I saved so much money from that trip, I’m waiting on my brand new mountain bike to arrive at my door!

Back at the story, this guy saw the small crowd and stopped by to see what was up. He was very well aware that it was a scam, the game that he was looking at, but nevertheless, he decided to give it a go.

He lost 50 quid, then won them back. He then lost 50 quid, then 100, then took them back. Finally, he lost 50 quid, then 100, then 150 in total, and then… yup, he got scammed and was down 150 pounds in 5 minutes.

Bad luck, right?

No, for God’s sake! This is nowhere near bad luck. This is a classic example of poor judgement and neglect that people associate with bad luck and superstitiously think is not under their control. When, in reality, they have full control of what is happening to them.

The moment the guy decided to play was the moment luck left the scene, because with the game being a scam, no matter how lucky you are, or you think you are, you will never ever win, even if it seems like you are at the beginning. A scam is a scam, and if you don’t know the dealer, you cannot win the game in a million years, or the chances are very low.

Luck is an abstract concept, designed to make us believe that some of our actions or the events that happen to us are accounted for and great when we talk about good luck, or bad when there’s a tragedy striking. The luckiest person in the world? That might be the one who doesn’t let ideas like luck govern over the decisions that he or she makes.

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