Fast Sundays 15: Ready Player One

Day 105/365: Here’s a fast, but honest review of the movie

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Being one of the last people on the planet to go and see it, I’m super glad that I made some time and went to “Ready Player One” at an actual theatre. It would have been a bad decision to wait and see the DVD, because overall the movie really was great. I mean, we paid $8 for two tickets at my local theatre, 3D glasses included. Popcorn was one dollar!

One of the perks of living in a small town in Romania, I guess.

Let’s get this straight: the movie was very well done! The music was great and the acting was really fine. I really found no plot holes about the main characters, the OASIS or the actual contest. Some people even say that the simplified version of the story that Spielberg and his team put together is great and makes much more sense for the SF uneducated.

And I do agree. But…

The truth is, I really did expect a little more from a Spielberg movie. The special effects were overwhelming at times, although the imagery was amazing. I’d have prefered it to be a little more personal and somewhat dramatic, as the book was. In return, you get a lot of action for your bucks and that’s a plus for the fans of the genre.

Again, this was a very good movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It just didn’t impress me as much as the actual book did. It’s just my opinion and no, it’s not a good enough reason for not seeing it. I do recommend you to move your lazy ass off the couch and go see it like I finally did, a month after its release.

Oh, if you didn’t read the book by now, do that first. Then go see the movie, if it’s still on. If not, buy the DVD. Movie before the book? That never works…

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