Fast Sundays 17: Fake Mall

Day 119/365: Clothes are rubbish nowadays, and cost a fortune.

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash

Fast Sundays: Every Sunday, I write a 300 words post on different topics of interest, after starring at the blank laptop screen for 3 minutes. Whatever pops into my mind at the end of the 3 minutes mark, that’s what I’ll scribble below.

I’m not a big malls fan.

I only go once or twice a year to use malls for what they were designed to do: offer we with the whole array of clothes manufacturers that I know and love. That would be Pull&Bear, Kenvelo and sometimes Levi’s. For the rest of the times, I go to the mall to see a movie, grab a bite to eat or meet someone.

On Thursday, I had to go to a bigger city than the one I live in to get a package that was delivered to me from the US. We don’t get door to door delivery in Romania, but a guy who holds the package in a deposit and then, when you go and get it, makes you pay a fee and then gives you the package.

Romania, go figure…

Anyway, since I was in a city with two big malls that both have stores from my favourite brands, I decided to go on a shopping spree before my train back home. I ran around the mall for about 3 hours, buying like 4 shirts and a pair of shoes. And a pair of sunglasses that look sharp on me!

The problem is, with some exceptions like the clothes from Pull&Bear and some from Kenvelo, most clothes on the shelves felt and looked fake.

And we’re not talking $2 T-shirts or $4 hoodies, no. We’re talking good brands like Levi’s or Tom Tailor, charging $89 for a shirt and $109 for a pair of shoes. I own a $25 hoodie from Kenvelo that I bought before my last year in high school at age 18.

I’m 25 now and I still have and wear the damn hoodie!

Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash

The hoodies that I tried on Thursday at the mall? Overpriced, weak and simply… fake! They felt like fake clothes to me, and I know that’s a very ambiguous description, but if you have a favourite piece or clothing, be it a shirt or hoodie or a pair of Jordans you got some years ago, and still wear them, you’ll understand me. Just go tour the mall, feel the fabric of the clothes, the materials of the shoes and so on.

Even Bugatti, a brand that grew on me after I bought a handbag and some accessories at amazing prices, let me down after I tried a $159 pair of shoes that looked amazing, but were paper thin on the sides and had the sole (bottom part of the shoe) made out of wood or something like that.

What the heck Bugatti?!?

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