Fast Sundays 23: Anthony Bourdain

Day 161/365: My question is “why”?

I remember the soundtrack playing and me getting so excited when it would play on Travel Channel.

“Ta-da-da-daaam, Noooooo Reservatiooons”

This is the first celebrity death that hits me so hard. Maybe because he was the antithesis of a celebrity. But most definitely because he appreciated people and cultures different from his, and was able to celebrate the things we often have biases against.

Anthony, I want to thank you for taking me with you on your adventures. I hope this final journey leads you to mental peace. I’ve never actually been affected by the death of a celebrity as much as for your tragic leave.

I’ll probably never be as shocked as I am now by a celebrity’s death before David Blaine’s death. I hope that will simply never happen. I am still in shock. It’s been about three days since the news about the suicide of journalist and TV host Anthony Bourdain comitted suicide broke.

I can’t phantom what’s going through someone’s mind when they ultimately decide to go for suicide. I mean, it’s clear they’re struggling with something, but this guy posted on Instagram and Twitter just days before doing the unspeakable.

He seemed fine, which is why I now strongly believe all we see on these social media platforms is not even close to the real situation of an individual.

If a guy with a great job, family, wealth and fame was so miserable, yet appeared so fine on Instagram, it’s clear people can’t be taken seriously on these social media non-senses.

It’s so sad that this happened to Bourdain. I grew up with him. He travelled the world, had a great family and an award-winning CNN show.