Fast Sundays 7: Cocaine and the weather

Day 49/365: Can bad weather influence the way you feel?

I just remembered a documentary series by Gordon Ramsay on drugs. In that particular episode, Ramsay goes around his restaurants in London and takes samples from bathrooms, both patrons and staff. What he finds is shocking: in both bathrooms, the samples were positive for cocaine and other drugs.

Things get even more interesting. London seems to be one of the most cocaine-addicted cities on Earth, with a huge number of the population consuming cocaine especially during the working hours of the week.

The consumption drops at the end of the week, which is explainable by the fact that the rich and famous travel on weekends.

This article by The Telegraph shows just how bad the situation in the UK is. If countries like Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal or Poland have a 0.4% consumption amongst people aged 14 to 34, in the UK the consumption is at a staggering 4.2% of the population. And that’s just the official statistics, God knows what’s the real situation.

My curiosity is if the weather in the UK has anything to do with this drug love that the people have around their country. The weather is permanently bad around the islands, the skies are mainly gloomy and the sun rarely comes out.

The brain needs natural sunlight in order to produce the chemicals responsible for happiness, motivation and calmness, and when there’s little to none of that, what do you do?

Apparently, you take some cocaine and you’re back at the job as a waitress, serving $500 lobster rolls at some of Ramsay’s restaurants in Belgravia…

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