Fast Sundays 8: Netflix, Yay or Nay?

Day 56/365: Here’s my honest opinion on it!

I used Netflix for about 6 months now. It’s still new in Romania, people still think it’s a Communist plot, so they don’t really buy into it. That aside, I’d say Netflix is not as good as Americans say it is. Not even 50% as good as they show it to be. Ok, not even 20%, to be honest. Netflix is bad, to be brutally honest, but just good enough to make you keep your monthly subscription.

The good is among the few hits that made Netflix The TV Network of the century. The bad is in the thousands of series and movies, some from Netflix, some from some random studios that just flock your feed and invite you to watch them. And after you do, you just ask yourself why did you just did that with your time, when you could’ve used it for things like sleeping, or eating, or simply doing absolutely nothing at all?

The Good

House of Cards: this is the one show that made me buy a Netflix subscription. For its season 5, to be more precise, because… I found the first 4 seasons online for free.

“The gift of a good liar is making people believe you lack a talent for lying” — Frank Underwood

It’s a brilliant series, but in season 5, things slow down and it feels a lot stretched for my taste. It might be its final season, so that’s good.

Designated Survivor: A delicious series about a guy who wakes up being the president after the US Congress gets blown up, with the entire government inside the building. Unlike House of Cards, which is getting kind of boring, the show somehow managed to stay interesting even after 2 seasons.

“Bullets don’t stop bleeding. They start it” — Tom Kirkman

I cannot wait for 3, honestly, as the second season ended in a dramatic cliffhanger and it’s driving me nuts. That’s how you should do a series!

13 Reasons Why: A great short series of just 13 episodes in which a little girl, of course, named Hannah, suffers some deceptions in her love and school life and succumbs to suicide.

“Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself” — Clay Jensen

I’m not saying that it’s not related to reality, this one, but it has its fair shares of inventions and exaggerations here and there. The suicide scene is surreal, I don’t know how they did it, but it’s breathtaking.

The Bad

Altered Carbon: This is the one series that made me seriously think about dropping my Netflix subscription. Well, that and the fact that I have a job now, and some social life.

This series is about a world where humans store their selves into a hard drive and could live forever just by changing their bodies. Great idea, great plot, great everything, but I dare you to watch the first episode and not get bored. I couldn’t do it, not even drunk. It’s gross!

Stranger Things: I don’t know why is there so much hype over this one. I simply believe that there are so many other amazing thriller/horror/SF series out there (Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Lucifer, the list is long) that I would never lose my time over a ridiculous “modern” horror SF. I couldn’t and again, no disrespect for you who love it, but I just can’t understand why.

End of the F***ing World: In this one, two small kids, a psychopath and a normal girl, which is still kind of crazy, go on a journey together to start a new life. Like that’s what 12 years old do, steal their dad’s car, get their girlfriend and go for the woods.

The dude tries to kill the girl, but falls in love (a psychopath falls in love, yes, I’d love to meet the psychiatrist that was hired as a consultant for this one) and rescues the girl from a rapist, which he then kills. Don’t get me wrong, this was good, regardless of the flawed plot, but Netflix just killed it after its first season. Like… why?!?

The Ugly?

The ugly part of Netflix is that it seems to me that they invest in poor quality series now, going for the quantity, not the quality. Because, you know, it’s better to offer 1000s of series and movies of unbalanced quality, rather than 100s of them, but done right. Marketers can’t work with 100s, sorry guys!

I’m not cancelling my Netflix subscription just yet. I can afford it now, lucky me, and there’s still one House of Cards season left. But after that one, I’m out. And no, I don’t like Games of Thrones, but I’m afraid I’ll lose all of my 42 readers if I go into details on that one…

Thank you for your time!

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