Finding Little Gems in My Own Country

Day 141/365: Romania is a beautiful country, but not as loved by its people as it should be!

Don’t be fooled! It’s just a restaurant with an airport theme. Quite clever!

Romania is a beautiful country. You might be thinking “hei, it’s the country where you were born in, of course you are going to say that, right?”


In fact, Romania is struggling these days with a corrupt government, an even more corrupt parliament and a president that can do little to nothing to separate the two from daily clashes that benefit nobody.

Romania is Optimistic

But that does not make Romania less beautiful as a country. Besides its struggles, the people still try to rebuild Romania from its ashes, some 30 years after the Revolution. Which is why I sometimes am surprised at what I get to see in my country, sometimes a couple of miles away from home.

On Sunday, I jumped in the car and drove 20 miles to a small city called Buzias. This was once one of the most famous treatment facilities in the country and even Eastern Europe. In fact, this place hosts the longest wood colonnade in Europe, which was a gift from Emperor Frantz Joseph to the famous Princess Sissi, who used to ramble about the collonade.

The landmark was about to fall down at some point and was recklessly kept unsafe for more than 25 years after the fall of the Communist regime.
This colonnade was left in ruins for 25 years. Now, it’s back to its forgotten beauty!

The authorities did nothing until a year ago when a $1.1 million project was awarded to a specialised firm which refurbished the old and rusty colonnade. Now, the colonnade is spectacular and people are flocking to see it from all over the country, and also from all corners of the world.

At the Airport

Near the colonnade there’s a restaurant inside a plane. You heard that right! Called “At the Airport”, I am sure this place would be on every news channel in any other country in the world, but for some reason, only the local media reported on its rehabilitation and reopening this Spring.

There’s a great deal of design and a good array of foods that you can try At the Airport!

It’s a unique place where you can eat some delicious Romanian dishes, have an ice cream cone and listen to some live music on Fridays and Sundays. The place was packed yesterday, which is a great reason for local authorities to keep on pushing and rebuilding the treatment resort to its forgotten glory.

I love Romania, but the ones that have to love it even more are the people we elected.

If they sleep on their mandates, nothing’s going to change.

The park in the middle of the city is huge, being the perfect place for biking, jogging or just reading.

We need more elected officials like the mayor of Buzias, who ordered the reconstruction of the colonnade some 25 years after nobody did, and is now implementing more and more projects to develop the city. If that happens, we’ll have a great Romania in years from now!

We can only stay optimistic, go and vote and keep hoping.

Thank you for your time!

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