Freelancing — The Poem

Day 87/365: Here’s my first ever published poem. Laugh away!

I love being a freelancer, it’s simply the best
I write for a living, sometimes even when I rest
I work on my laptop, so my eyes are a mess
It’s nice and it’s freeing, there’s no boss to caress
My clients are awesome, they’re from all over the world
I love them all, but sometimes, they can be a real mess!

There’s the Russians,
They need you to listen and generally stay calm
You might miss some instructions, try not to break down
They need that article as soon as you can
Don’t waste any of their time, you WILL face a showdown
They’re fine with you, as long as you repeat the phrase:
“You are boss, you know everything, you Russians, the best!

And then the Americans,
They are demanding, and have so high standards
That you might simply get a nosebleed on canvas
But their pojects are really cool, they’re fun
Although boy, do they need the return to be done
Your work must be perfect,
There’s no time for pause:
“My friend, do you want this project or not?

Here come the Germans,
Do, or do not, there is no space for a doozy
You might get some money, you might get a bit woozy
They’re quick with a response, although you need to insist
But when you do just that, they say you should resist
And when you get their translation wrong, which sometimes happens:
“Dude, you want to get in the krakenvagen?”

Don’t forget the Indians,
They know how to fluently speak
But they can barely come and write, which is fine,
They’re quick with a joke
They’re not fans of the fight
They get it done fast, they do what they can:
“It’s all good my friend, thank you, come again!

P.S.: I obviously meant no disrespect for any of you that are from the countries in the poem. This is clearly a joke and I’m sorry if you felt any other way but entertained. Thank you, I love all of my clients and friends from everywhere around the world!

Thank you for your time!

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