Generation Obnoxious

Day 155/365: What is wrong with you younsters?!

I usually never have a problem with riding a train, although it takes much more to get to where you need to than with a plane. This last weekend, I went on a train trip to Sibiu, one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania. I booked my tickets for this 5:30 hours trip and never looked back because trains are my ultimate favourite mode of transportation.

But, during my return trip, a bunch of about 10 youngsters that were travelling in the same compartment with us were an absolute nightmare for the rest of the carriage. I get it, they’re young, they’ve probably travelled together to celebrate the end of high school and they were happy. It’s natural, I’ve been like them and we’ve all been at that stage.

Generation Obnoxious

But to laugh and shout and play music and eat sunflower seeds and then spray the entire carriage with perfume? That’s a simple, yet conclusive proof about how obnoxious this new generation is. They are careless about their surroundings, about the people around them, not me, but the elders who were travelling with us on the packed train, and so on.

They were even careless when the supervisor of the carriage told them to stop making so much noise because some elderly people complained about it. They stopped for a second and then put on the party once again.

I am not mad about it, as I said in the beginning. We’ve all been their ages and we’ve all been reckless. But I am concerned about their lack of respect for others. About their constant recklessness. About them being so obnoxious in a world that should be nothing but that.

Education Is Flawed

I think it all starts with education. In our schools, education means reading a book about stuff you’ll never use in your life and then writing about it at the test. Rince. Repeat. That’s education.

Teachers never talk about behaviour, good manners and respecting the people around you. They don’t grade for that, so kids simply ignore being… normal when they’re out in society.

It’s concerning and it seems it’s getting worse and worse…

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