Get To Know Your Interests

Day 310/365: That’s going to help you with setting goals

Picture by Spencer Watson on Unsplash

People will always like to tell you what your interests are for you. Why? Because people are so insecure, they’d better do important things like setting goals or establishing interests for others than for themselves.

It’s easier and, if they fail, it’s not their burden to live with it.

This is why I think you should always get to know your interests. Even if you’re doing it short-term. Establish your interests for these next 3 months, for example. Set a financial goal, a relationship goal, a housing goal and so on.

When you know what your interests are, you know how much you need to work, how much you can spend, how much you have to save and how much free time you have. Which is useful not only for having a good, productive work and personal life but also for knowing what are the things in life you can avoid or completely discard.

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