How Changing My Phone Reduced My Stress Levels From 80% to 20% In No Time

Day 158/365: The trick is to get rid of the source of your stress…

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“I like to hang out with people who make me forget about my phone completely”


Phones are very personal things nowadays. They’re not just devices, but almost transcend that fine line between “personal belongings” and “part of one’s self”. Long gone are the times when phones were just a weird machine that worked with coins and you would walk for an hour to get to the only phone booth in the city and make a phone call.

You’d pay up front and then a lady would put you through with the person you were calling. Sometimes, the lines were down and you’d make the trip for nothing. And you’d have to go through the rain back home, not knowing if your relatives, hundreds of miles away are well or not.


Phones these days are much more than a screen and some buttons. Some of them have no buttons, but that’s irrelevant here. As phones became such an important part of our lives, it’s only normal that they can produce happiness or stress into our lives as well. When it comes to stress, phones are king in serving us heaps of it throughout the day.

I wasn’t stressed out because of the notifications. I wasn’t stressed because of the calls, messages, Instagram pop-ups, Facebook updates and so on. No, it wasn’t what the phone was delivering me that made me stressed out every time I would open the machine. It was the phone itself that was stressing me out because it got so slow, it was almost unbearable to use it.

I used to work on an S4 from Samsung, and it got so crappy, it simply angered the heck out of me everytime it would ring. I couldn’t afford to lose another day of my life to this idiotic piece of machinery, so I went online and bought a second-hand S6, worth about $150 with shipping.

The device was as new when it got here. I just updated it with my Google account and it was ready to use. The difference? It’s like taking your old steering wheel and putting it into a Lamborghini, then drive with it for the rest of your days. It’s idiotic to think now that I’d get so mad and for so long because of a phone, and that the solution was just $150 away.

I never get mad because of the phone now

It’s just working and because I have no Facebook on it, it’s just a phone with an Instagram account and the Gmail app, nothing more than that. I kind of detached from it, even though it’s more powerful and can do so much more. I simply know I have a good phone, but just use it with caution.

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