How I Feel After 100 Days of Non-Stop Writing on Medium

Day 100/365: Wow, I’m almost a third of the way there!

I decided to do something that was both crazy, fun, important, out of the ordinary and really challenging in 2018 in regards to my writing career. At 25, after 6 years of journalism, I decided to go full-time freelancing and started a career in content creation. I opened a website and set up some freelance profiles on two or three platforms and that was that.

But what could I be doing to get the most out of this challenge? It would have to be something crazy, as stated above, something that would challenge me on a day-to-day basis, something that would help me out with my freelancing career and something that I could be remembering forever and be proud of.

I decided to write one blog post on Medium every single day for one year. Even if I were to be tired, sick, hospitalised (that wasn’t the case until now, and it will hopefully never be) or anything else, I had to hit that green “Publish” button at least once every single day for the next 365 days.

The Motivation

You should know, I’ve tried this before. I failed. Miserably. But that’s no reason for me to stop trying. Failing miserably before at this task of writing continuously for a long period of time was the ultimate motivator for me starting this challenge. Why did I fail in the past? Maybe simply because I wasn’t too mature yet to actually take the challenge seriously.

I am now more motivated than ever to go through with it and, as with any presidency and its first, most daunting 100 days, I think the remaining 265 will be a piece of cake. I love it that people are reading my stuff, not a lot of them, but some, and that’s another motivator for me.

The Creativity

So where does your creativity keeps coming from after 100 days of non-stop blogging? The quick answer is, I don’t know. I have no idea how I was able, and still am, to produce one blog post each day, and to not be completely ashamed of it. Yes, there are bad days when I’d just prefer to not post, but then I work on the article for a little bit and it turns out well.

I’m a creative person. I put a lot of pain and happiness into my every article, every word and every little thing that I put on the Internet. It’s becoming my second nature, more and more powerful and easy-going from one day to the next. I love writing and being creative, and you don’t see daily blogging as a burden once you really start to enjoy doing it.

The Hard Days

Yes, there were some hard days during the first 100 of the challenge. I had to cancel movie nights, dinners and other fun events just so that I could squeeze in some 45 minutes to come up with the blog article. I had days when I simply did not want to post anything, to give up and delete the entire blog and then go and work in a shoe factory in the suburbs.

But the most amazing thing about these types of long challenges is that the hard days are eventually going to pass. They come, they disturb you, and then they are gone. As with anything in life, it’s all about how you react to the bad days that you face, and not the good ones, that will make a difference on how your life will ultimately turn out to be like.

The First 100 Posts

After writing 100 daily blog posts on Medium, I’m nothing near a blogger, an influencer or any other Internet names people get when they write stuff online. I’m not much smarter, I’m not much wealthier, but maybe a little more of a good writer than I was 3 months ago.

But for the most part, I’m just a guy who wrote 100 posts on a blog and is going to write another 265 in the next 265 days, and that’s about it. Yes, I met a lot of amazing writers and even clients with the help of this blog, all of which have turned out to be great partners to have on this crazy long journey.

But above all, I’ve learned that consistency is the key to a good career when it comes to the creative “sciences” and keeping it all over the water level.

The Future

Writing gives me pleasure, it gives me purpose, it feeds me and allows me to travel and have nice things. It allows for me to offer occasional gifts and surprises to my family and my friends and to have a more than decent living.

It’s only natural to want to do it every day if you’d ask me. And as far as the future is concerned, I’m not sure about if I’ll go over a year with the challenge, so for the moment I’ll just enjoy the journey and focus on the present.

Thank you for your time!

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