How to love Mondays, a beginner’s guide

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Mondays can be a struggle, but they don’t have to be.

Wake up, open the windows, let some sunlight in. Breathe!

Go to the bathroom, freshen up and make those teeth shine. Clean.

Pear and caramel tea, big cup, beautiful steam coming out of it. Smell it!

Bacon and eggs, sunny side up, toast on the verge of being burned. Delicious.

Read the latest news on the porch, on your iPad. Cool.

Dress up nice, a little cologne, all is good in the hood. Ready!

And then… nope, still not feeling it, because it’s Monday, and Mondays should be banned from the calendar. Dude, me and Mondays? Don’t even get me started, because we just can’t work properly together. Sorry Monday, just leave me alone, I’ll be fine with only six days in a week.

Bye, dear Monday, no hard feelings.

I’m ending episode 6 here. This article is part of the March Marathon series. One post per day, everyday, for the whole month of March. Just because I can!

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