How To Travel With No Money

Day 318/365: Here’s the ultimate secret revealed!

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The secret to travelling with no money is, you can’t travel with no money. Plane tickets, accommodation, food, transportation, sightseeing, these things all cost money. Yes, you’re a digital nomad or an artist who can make it on their own, you have the motivation and the urge to travel. But if you don’t put that motivation and those skills to good use, you’ll never be able to see the world as much as you want to.

I’ve been a dreamy wanderlust for years. I’d sit around and watch Youtube videos with people that were travelling around the world and enjoy their lives. It was mostly hell for me, as I couldn’t do it myself.

Then, I discovered I actually needed money to travel around, not just motivation and a sense of wanting to do it. I started putting my writing skills to the test, I grew my knowledge on the matter and I started making cash.

Nowadays, I can travel around whenever I want and it almost feels like I’m doing it without money. Sure, I’m still paying for my travels, but I’m doing it with money earned the easy way. With money earned by putting my skills in front of people who need it.

Having a job that’s mainly your hobby is bliss. You’ll never feel like working. I write from everywhere, at any time that I need or can, without a schedule or a deadline rather than the ones I’m establishing myself.

These are almost free money for me because I never feel like working. When you don’t feel like you’re working, you’re simply doing a great job by nature and enjoy the money as you please without feeling too attached to them.

They are just pieces of paper. And if the thing that makes you happy, helps you grow and keeps you alive is travel, for example, those pieces of paper are a small price to pay in exchange for you being fulfilled and motivated.

There’s no secret to how you can travel without money because you cannot travel without mone. The secret is to expand your passion to it becoming your full-time job.

Work as if you’re on a vacation every single day. The feeling is you’re simply lounging while doing something you like, while your bank account gets a little better with every hour. Then, do whatever the heck you want with that $$$!

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