How to Win at Poker and Why You Should NOT Live Every Day as if it were Your Last

Day 50/365: Never go “All In” over and over again…

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“The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be” — Mark Pilarski

In poker, the players who play “All In” over and over again are the first that lose their money.

Why? Because playing “All In” over and over again, putting all of your money on the line regardless of what cards you play is stupid. It might work once or twice and you might get a good chips count at the end of two hands.

At the third hand though, there’s always going to be that prepared player who will leave you breathless, ashamed and with no chips to even get home. There’s a good correlation between playing poker like a pro and living a good life, and it all has to do with moderation.


The best way to win at a game of poker is not by going “All In” every time and trying to get the other players mad, not by reading facial expressions or counting cards, but by simply playing your cards moderately, one hand at the time. It takes patience and contemplation, playing every single hand the best that you can and a lot of calmness when things go wrong.

If you can master a pace that you’re comfortable with, be able to get over the bad hands fast and focus at the good hands when you’re encountering them, betting the right amount of money and keeping the bluffing at a minimum, but still throw a bluff or two here and there from time to time, you’re going to be a good poker player in no time. If you can’t play with moderation, you’re doomed to extinction faster than the white tigers.


The best way to win at life is by doing things in moderation. Take every day as it comes, with its problems and fortunes, with its bad and good moments, with all that it throws at you, and take them lightly.

Never stress too much on one thing, but never get too excited on another either. Keep things in moderation in both the positive, and the negative spectrum, and you’ll notice immediate changes.

By keeping your life moderate, you keep your expectations from people and from yourself at a minimum, which is healthy. Given the fact that we are expectations machines, which ultimately brings us unhappiness if they’re not met, by allowing some room for when things go bad, we ultimately get rid of high expectations and never get hurt ever again.

It’s the lasday…

Living every single day like if it were your last is the worst thing that you can do. If you were to actually live your last day today, you’d probably never know about that in the first place.

And if you did, you would probably have a totally unrealistic plan for your last day, with helicopter rides over your hometown, beautiful girls and tons of booze, luxurious foods and cars and so on.

Living each day like if it were your last is unsustainable, and will quickly drain you of your powers and make you hate yourself. The trick is to live just so that you feel comfortable with both good and bad, and that’s when you can state that you’re living your life to its fullest.

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