I ate the best breakfast of my life in Venice

One picture every tourist takes on arrival to the Piazza San Marco in Venice. It sure is a picture you want to take yourself!

A morning flight, the worst type of all flights, is not that bad when your final destination is the wonder that is Venice. This city in Italy is situated on a lagoon where 20.000.000 tourists a year come and walk the streets with no cars, just narrow alleyways and canals, eating pasta, gelato and drinking ridiculous amounts of Aperol Spritz.

Our flight took off at 6 in the morning, and if you ever had a flight that early, you know what it means. 3:00 AM wake-up call, shower, rush to the airport, security. Find your gate, while you try to find a reason for keeping your eyes open. Sit down somewhere, so you can doze off for even 5 minutes, and so on.

It all paid off, even before landing. I mean, look at this picture below.

We landed at 8 AM and rushed to catch the bus to Piazzale Roma. This is a huge parking lot in Venice, the only one actually, where all the cars and busses drop off the hoards of tourists. Arriving that early, our hotel was not ready, so we took our bags with us, granted, only two small backpacks, nothing to break our backs, and started the day with some cardio.

You don’t need a water taxi ride to go somewhere in Venice. Besides being expensive, by taking a taxi or a vaporetto you’ll miss 90% of the city. Please, don’t take a boat to get you to the Rialto Bridge or Piazza San Marco. You can do it once, for the experience, but I’m not recommending it. If I were to do that, I would most certainly miss the opportunity to have had the best breakfast of my entire life!

A cone of seafood, that was my first meal in Venice, and what an amazing find that was! I have a knack for it, I know. I bought this deep fried shrimp and vegetables cone from a place called Acqua e Mais. Don’t ask me where it is, just follow this link and then GPS your way to it. You will get lost for sure, but after the third time, you should spot the line that’s always in front of the establishment.

To say that this was the best, cheapest, most delicious fast food, street food, seafood on a budget experience of my life, would be an understatement. It was so good, after I had the first cone, which I served on a bench surrounded by pigeons in a piazza nearby, I went for a second cone without even trying to catch my breath.

But I never found the shop again.

The view from the first bridge that you cross right after you get off the train at the “Santa Lucia” Train Station in Venice

There I was in Venice, Italy, one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Yet, I was a sad cookie, walking the streets trying to find this stupid, crazy delicious restaurant for a second of my favourite breakfast. It took me 3 hours, without even exaggerating, to find it on TripAdvisor after I got back to my hotel that night. The next morning at 8 PM, I was out of the room and heading straight back for a breakfast to remember. It was open, with the usual “this is the spot” line of customers in front of it.

After 3 cones, I got sick and had to shake it off with a 45 minutes walk to Piazza San Marco, Venice’s main attraction. I’ll write about how to explore Venice with almost no money, while enjoying everything it has to offer in a future post.

Uh-Oh! The Food Police is here, riding a boat, we better hide that shrimp cone in your backpack!
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