I Just Learned My First Ever Song, One Week After Buying My Piano

Day 170/365: Please don’t laugh about my piano skills…

Those aren’t actually Dr. Watson and Sherlock sittin’ next to my piano. It’s all a lie… Or is it?!

One week or so ago, or maybe there are two already, I bought a brand new digital piano. I happened to put a little money aside from the job, so I decided to fulfil a life-long dream and own my own piano, rather than buying a larger TV for the living room. Who needs a 60-inches TV anyways?

So far, I practised for about 30 minutes per day and had no professional show me what’s what. I’m planning on taking a few piano lessons after my Bavaria trip (which starts in one week from now, OMG!!!) But still, with the help of the Internet, especially Youtube, I managed to learn this:

First of all, playing in front of a camera is hell. I don’t know why, I never get stage fright or something, but it’s simply hell. Maybe when I’ll be more confident with my piano skills, this fright will go away, but for now, it’s brutal.

Second, I know this is just the first part of it. I know it has no bass. I know it’s not perfect, although I kind of crushed the hard part of the song on the second go. It’s just been a week with this thing and for me, to have it sound CLOSE to the real thing from Sherlock, I think it’s awesome!

Third, I’m already doing a ton better at the song since this video’s been posted on Youtube. I can now hold (some sort of) bass with my left hand (which is extremely hard at first) and can make the fast part of the song sound much nicer and smoother. It’s coming together well.

For my next video, I’ll try to play the full first part of Hedwig’s Theme, with both hands and in rhythm. I’ll surely keep you posted, as promised. Please don’t laugh about my piano skills. I’ll not stop until I’ll be able to play the full “Aladdin” musical in my own house. I don’t care if it takes me one or two or even three years.

Mark my words!

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