I Might Have A Travel Addiction...

Day 202/365: It’s a good thing. I guess😂😂

As you’re reading this, I’m on a 5-hour train ride to Budapest, the gorgeous capital of Hungary. I have my dad with me this time, as he’s free for the weekend and could use some sunshine.

The point is, I promised to myself and the Romanian people that I'll stop travelling for a month at least after my summer holiday in Germany.

I lasted about a week before buying my tickets to Budapest. Hi, my name is Gabriel and I have a travel addiction.

I’d go to the shrink and try and work this out, but I have no money left for therapy, as I just booked a trip to Egypt for October! I’m as screwed as I can be, but the good thing is, travel is my curse as well as my cure.

That’s how life is in general. Funny. The things that hurt you make you laugh in the end, if you remember to take everything you do, feel and experience with a small grain of salt.