I Read This Book On a Flight and it Blew My Mind

Day 79/365: This book cured my fear of flying and opened my eyes to the shattered world below me

I am sometimes terrified of flying. I flew two dozen times and I’m still getting the butterflies and the shakes when boarding a plane. I can’t tell if it’s excitement or fear, as they feel almost the same to me, but if I’m not doing something while on a plane, something to keep my mind occupied, things never go pretty.

On my last flight home from London, after watching an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”, I opened my Kindle and saw that I purchased 3 books before my departure a few days earlier. One of them was “Tikkunim”, a collection of articles about the spiritual man in the irrational, material and downright crazy world that we live in.

I opened the book as the plane was cruising through some bad turbulence, but immediately after starting to read it, my world shrunk to the size of the Kindle and nothing else mattered. Gone were the shakes and heart palpitations and everything, as my brain was just trying to grasp and juice on the book that I was enjoying in front of me.

I love planes, but also hate them, and love trumps hate, so planes rock!

This book is absolutely incredible. It’s actually a collection of articles about everything that is wrong in the world, but it also talks about ways in which we can change that, by changing ourselves and, more importantly, by changing the way we relate and respond to events.

I’m not recommending it just because it saved me from a panic attack at 36.000 feet, but because I truly got it.

It’s actually one of the few books that I read in the last 3 years that I really understood, grasped and resonated with. I did my homework after reading it and the author, Jesse Bogner, is a renowned writer and journalist who himself went through hard times to find peace and love in a world shattered by uncertainty.

“I want you all to enter a world of endless love that orients all of corporeality and gives each person on this earth exactly what he or she needs to live in permanence and perfection, if one firmly chooses salvation above all else. My great hope is that by understanding our shattered world, you will be inspired to realize the means of correcting it” — Jesse Bogner.

The author had a great motivator for writing a book like this one.

“I began writing articles about politics and the spiritual roots of a world in crisis. A world of contradictions that reveals the flawed development of man using rational systems. These rational systems that cannot cope with an irrational world and the seemingly irrational nature of the creatures that inhabit it. It began as supplemental work to the novel I was working on, before becoming an obsession, a calling from above” — Jesse Bogner.

Beautifully said, if you ask me. And realistic. Rational thinking? This is it! Jesse is currently writing a third book, a novel, but I’m up for his first one, “The Egotist” which is his best work thus far. If it’s as good as “Tikkunim” was, I’m definitely going to get the third release under his name when it’s coming out. Read the book, you’ll love it regardless if you’re on a plane or not.

Thank you for your time!

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