I Took a Cold Shower as the Internet Suggested and It Sucked Big Time

Day 95/365: Not every single self-development trick on the Internet works. In fact, most of them don’t!

Don’t worry, you won’t find a video of me taking a shower at the end of this article. I’m not Casey Neistat. But you will find some polite swearing, so if you’re not into that, change the channel. Anyway, there’s a trend that died a few months ago on the internet, especially here on Medium, but that is somehow making its way back into the world of self-help writers.

Apparently, you can turn your life around if you take one cold shower each morning, for a period of time that is no shorter than a month. You will feel like another man, you will break records, move mountains and get the hottest girlfriend ever because your belly will shrink, your 6-pack will show up and your muscles will just grow like you’re a bodybuilder.

Self-challenge, Accepted!

I decided to take a shot at this cold shower thing and did it for 3 days. Here’s my first lie, because, in reality, I only did it for one day. Actually, I did it this morning, because my hot water just didn’t want to come out and, while trying to fix it, I remembered about the trend and decided it was time to give it a go.

What fresh Hell is this?

It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I was shivering the minute I put the shower on me and I literally started shivering. I had no control over the shivers, as the water was simply freezing on my skin. I can’t fathom how would this stupid idea make me a better person, a more confident individual, a more powerful guy and all the other nonsense.

In reality, all that you can end up gaining after a cold shower is probably a cold, or even a hypothermic shock if you’re sensitive. Don’t do it. Just take your regular showers as you normally would. Stop believing everything that you read on the Internet is 100% true. Take everything with a grain of salt, double-check and see if the advice that you read about works for you.

I’m off to take another shower now, I hope the hot water is working…

Thank you for your time!

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