I’m A Writer, But I Love Photography. Here’s Why

Day 143/365: Photography and writing work by the same principle, but are very different in one key aspect!

Photo by Jack Douglass on Unsplash

Writing is therapy for me. It makes me happy by default. It makes me thrive under any conditions. Give me a laptop, or a pen and paper, and I can climb (to the Base Camp) of Mount Everest. It gives me hope for a better tomorrow, and when I’m struggling, it lets me get it all out of my mind and body.

But pictures are time machines. Although writing also stays with you forever, photos are capsules of the certain moment, and can never be intervened upon. Let me explain.

Photos are 100% true, writing… not that much

When you write about an event, you’re always subject to interpretation, addition and false memorisation. You will never be able to pinpoint the exact chain of events that you witnessed, but a 70% to 95% copy of that.

With photography, although we’re talking about a certain moment that gets captured in the frame, that moment is the 100% representation of the event you witnessed and took a snapshot off.

There’s no funny business, no interpretation and no adding things to make it sound prettier. Photography is sincere, honest and 100% true. Writing is almost the same, but not entirely. Sure, writing gives you the permission for fantasizing and developing character and scenery, but that’s only useful when you’re writing poetry or a novel.

The Forbidden Photo

For the real world memories, there’s nothing better than the good old picture. I remember when I took this forbidden photo and I will do so for the rest of my life. I don’t only remember the moment when I took it, but the entire atmosphere that I was witnessing while I was doing so.

Even if it doesn’t come with a description, a photo does create a memory not only about the event that you’ve witnessed while snapping it but also about the surroundings and the feelings you got right then and there. Which sometimes surpasses even writing.

Yes, I just said that. Photography is sometimes better than writing. You can quote me on that as “Gabriel Iosa, the biggest fan of writing in the world!”

Thank you for your time!

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