Imagine Being A North Korean For A Day…

Day 150/365: Imagine having everything that you own taken away from you for a day, then multiply that by a lifetime

Photo by Johen Redman on Unsplash

Imagine waking up tomorrow with no Facebook profile, Instagram Stories or your favourite online store. Imagine waking up to an empty bookshelf, no Kindle and no New Yorker subscription.

Imagine having only one TV station on your TV that broadcasts nothing but news about a fatty-looking dude who doesn’t pee or poo.

Imagine having no running water, so you can take a shower or just brush your teeth. Imagine having a breakfast that consists of bread and some sugar, which you can dip together into some water to turn into some sort of poor man’s oatmeal.

Imagine having a loneliest-and-thinnest slice of ham sandwich lunch on a daily basis, because that’s all you can afford.

Imagine going to work on a bike, riding it through empty, huge roadways that nobody ever uses, because nobody has cars. Imagine reaching work and then spend the next 12 hours labouring non-stop and for the smallest payment in the world. Basically working to poorly feed your family and just avoid dying.

Imagine going home after a long day of work and not being able to rest because, as the law says it, you have to always have your radio on, where the propaganda about the adored leader streams 24/7 and it’s your duty to listen to it and love your country.

Imagine being a North Korean for a day.

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