It Never Gets Old…

Day 321/365: Nope!

Photo by Yeray Sánchez on Unsplash

I’m waiting for my flight at Bologna’s airport right now. The sun is shining through the glass windows. The hoards of people are moving along security and passport control, going for their own flights to wherever they’re going.

Munich. Eindhoven. Paris. Moscow. Istanbul. Barcelona. Palermo.

Oh, I’d love to board that Moscow plane right now!

The thing is, me being in an airport and later boarding a plane never gets old. I still get the giggles in my stomach, every single time. I still get anxious before take-off. I still get dreamy during the flight and I always pray for a safe landing. Flying is so unnatural to people because we don’t have wings, it’s merely impossible to not feel those feelings everytime you do it.

No matter how many times you actually do it.

Flying is so liberating and amazing to me. Every time I book my flights, I get a feeling of freedom and excitement. I never get bored on flights because, go figure, the world is literally presenting itself out of the window.

And that’s the best thing you can probably do as a wingless creature: looking at the world from 36.000 feet and being grateful for it the entire time.

Thank you for your time!

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