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Day 273/365: Why The Big Bang Theory is my favourite TV show

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I don’t think I love a TV show more than I do The Big Bang Theory. It’s sad that it’s about to end with the 12th season, but to be honest, it was time for it to end. I loved every single episode thus far, but the last ones are a bit pushed, for lack of a better word.

The Big Bang Theory has been with me since my childhood. I grew up watching it on the TV, then downloaded the series and put them on repeat night after night. There was something about the brilliance, yet social incompetence of Sheldon that I found hilarious and amazing at the same time. Also, I liked Penny a lot because come one, she’s great!

This TV show taught me so much about physics, a domain in which I never had any interest or talent. I remember barely making my physics class in high-school, always struggling with it. I guess I was a creative type all my life and had to go through a maths and informatics school to realise it.

I’ll really miss Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, Raj and Howard. And all of the cast, really. I’ll miss the new episodes but the good thing is, I can always take the USB stick and have a rerun at my will. Is this the best sitcom ever produced? I really think so!

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