Morning Routines Suck

Day 68/365: Morning routines are just that, routines. And routines hardly work in the morning…

At least breakfast is great!

We are not born as hate machines, as humans, but if there’s one thing that we hate the most as a species, that must be routines. Even from when we were young, we were taught to put up with routines in kindergarten, then in school, then all the way up to college and at our first job.

Even that way of going through your first 25 years of life is a routine in itself. Every single day, mapped, every single month, carefully arranged, every single year, totally planned and uneventful.

No wonder people hate routines!

Instead of a morning routine, I do things spontaneously. I’m a freelancer, so I can do that better than the people who have to go to the office or are at school every day. But if you’re not yet out of the house, how you do your mornings should be totally up to you.

You don’t have to get up, shower, do breakfast and then read for 30 minutes, just because that’s how that internet guy from Mashable told you to do, in a lousy post, for 30 days straight, to “see the transformations”. Any transformation that can come from that is a sincere hate for mornings.

Doing the same things over and over is no fun. Even if you were to go to the fair daily, have the best time, eat whatever you want and ride the best rides, you will eventually start to hate it just because it becomes a routine. A fun one, but a routine nonetheless.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” — Albert Einstein

Instead of a morning routine, I usually go by depending on how I’m feeling. I might go for coffee this morning, or for pretzels. I might sleep in, turn my phone off and doze off until lunch.

I might go to the library and study or work there, enjoying the silence and no distractions. I might have breakfast first and then shower and everything else.

By keeping your mornings open, away from routine tasks and repetitive actions, you keep them fun and engaging, which is what you definitely need when it comes to mornings. We all dislike mornings, but turning them into a routine, the thing that we hate the most, will simply sacrifice them for good.

Thank you for your time!

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