My 33 hours in Milan, step-by-step

Day one

7:40 — plane lands at Bergamo International Airport

8:10 — bus departs the station in front of the Arrivals terminal

9:30 — bus arrives at Milan’s Central Station

9:45 — baggage gets dropped at hotel, too early to check-in

10:00 — quick breakfast at Pave bakery

10:15 — take the yellow line from Milano Centrale 4 stops to Duomo 3

10:30 — admire the Duomo di Milano, enter the church and explore

11:17 — explore Galeria Vittorio Emanuele II, the gorgeous mall of Milan

11:30 — find Wi-Fi, need to post something on Instagram NOW!

11:48 — Wi-Fi found, photo posted, all good

12:12 — lunch at Luini panzerotti, one ham and cheese luini, one pistachios

12:59 — Il Mercato di Duomo, too much food, just window shopping

13:09 — Nutella Burger photo shoot and taste test at McDonald’s

13:50—back in the piazza, looking for a church with an optical illusion

14:03 — lost on a back street, data services crashed, no map

14:12 — Vodafone saves the day, back on track for the church

14:19 — finding the church, going in, having some “me” time

15:30 — still inside the church, Snapchat and Instagram time

15:35 — rain is not stopping, need to move on, umbrella on

15:47 — stopping in front of a tram station for a time lapse

15:58 — time lapse done, arriving at the Sistine Chapel of Milan

16:05 — amazing church, time to go unfortunately, no place to sit down

16:14 — entering Milan’s Castle, no more rain, umbrella off

16:30 — castle visit done, heading to… I don’t know, I’ll just swing it

16:48 — crossing some streets, arriving at a weird intersection

16:55 — finding a pizza cone street food stall, ordering one

17:00 — that was delicious!

17:07 — another time lapse, heading to the last church of the day

17:13 — going into the church, wanting to see the Last Supper, no ticket

17:15 — my press pass gets me a free ticket, I have to be back in an hour

17:20 — with one hour to kill, I see a a big skyscraper in the distance

17:57 — walking for quite some time now, skyscrapers are getting bigger…

18:08 — after a long walk, I’m right under the giants, and they are stunning

18:39 — only half an hour left before my Last Supper tour, picking up the pace

19:10 — made it back in time with 15 minutest to spare

19:25 — inside the chapel, waiting in line with some 25 other tourists

19:30 — after going through a series of doors, we finally get to see it

19:45 — exactly 15 minutes later, we are escorted out, the tour is over

20:16 — making my way back to Duomo 3 metro station, one last glance at it

20:17 —proud moment, I was walking for more than 20 kilometres

21:01 — back at the hotel, shower, then dinner

21:44 — sat down at a fancy seafood restaurant

22:12— ordering a crab linguine, 18 Euros, waiting with some bread and oil

22:40 — pasta was good, a bit overcooked, but still fine

23:00 — leaving the restaurant

23:00 — instead of a night cap, I wentt for pistachios gelato, which was great

23:44 — lights off, time for a much needed sleep

The next day

8:48 — waky waky, time for breakfast

10:01 — I drifted off, an hour more of sleep, it was sweet

10:09 — having some left over panzerotti from yesterday on the balcony

11:30 — check-out and heading to Pave for breakfast, yet again

12:10 — arriving at the breakfast place, ordering a croissant and a cappuccino

12:48 — settling down in a park near my hotel, enjoying breakfast

13:08 — uploading breakfast to Instagram, tens of likes in no time, perfect

13:13 — visiting the impressive Pinacoteca di Brera

13:48 — that was way to short of a visit, will come back for more

14:00 — back at Milano Centrale, from where my bus leaves at 14:40

14:05 — at Burger King, having a small burger and fries

14:10 — no bathroom at BK, got to find the station bathroom

14:25 — found it, going in for all that is humanly necessary

14:38 — boarding the bus with 2 minutes to spare

15:55 — bus leaves us at Bergamo Airport’s Departure terminal

16:06 — “there’s a water bottle in your bag sir”

16:07 — they took my water away, God damn it

16:08 — trying to find my gate, getting a little lost, then finally finding it

16:24 — bought a 4 Euros water bottle from near my gate, 18 B

16:48 — still waiting for the plane to start boarding

17:02 — plane is boarding, everything looks good

17:33 — “Gear Up!” plane takes off from Bergamo International Airport

This timeline was possible based on the details that the photos I took in Milan withhold, including the time when they were taken. For the whole trip in video form, please check my Milan Travel Vlog bellow!

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