My Bank Is Going Humanless

Day 276/365: Is this good or terrible?

“person holding 100 U.S. dollar bill” by Artem Bali on Unsplash

I wrote about Amazon going humanless for their first concept store. Grocery store. I can’t remember. Some sort of a 7Eleven/Whole Foods/IHOP-type of situation. I’m not from the US, so who cares?

The thing is, my bank announced me they’re too going humanless in a month. They’ll still have their ATM’s for deposits, withdrawals and other operations, as well as the Home Bank stuff which is amazing.

The only thing that’s going to be missing is the people. The office here is small, with just two people in it. I never interact with them but when my cards get renewed. Yet somehow it’ll feel less like a bank once they’re gone.

Banks are buildings with bankers in them. Just like supermarkets are buildings with cashiers and sellers in them. Malls are buildings with shops that have people in them. Restaurants, buildings with waiters and cooks. Hotels, buildings with bellboys, receptionists and housekeeping.

Isn’t it a little weird and concerning that we’re going for eliminating the human factor from everything and remain with just some buildings that are operated by some computers?

It’s just terrifying to me.

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