My DSLR Fits In My Pocket Now

Day 277/365: Phones are amazing for photography

“person holding black Android smartphone” by Erriko Boccia on Unsplash

It’s been a while since I used my DSLR for taking pictures. In fact, ever since I got the P20 Lite from Huawei, I kind of let my Ancient D3100 on the shelf and forgot about it. This brings back so many memories. I feel nostalgic thinking about how many years have passed from when I bought the camera.

Nowadays, phones have taken over the photography industry. I don’t even like GoPro’s anymore, let alone huge DSLR’s that are so heavy and so expensive, I’m considering selling a kidney just to be able to afford the body of them. I’ll need to give up some liver to buy one lens.

I am in Egypt right now, at the end of my trip to this amazing country. The truth is, the P20 Lite is all that a DSLR isn’t, yet it has a camera capable of capturing some pretty crazy photos. I don’t want to say DSLR’s are going down, because they’re not. I’m just saying I saved some space and weight in my baggage that I can fill up with spices and some hats I bought here.

My DSLR fits in my phone now. We live in some amazing times!

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