Never Climb Mountains for the World to See You, Do This Instead

Day 64/365: Here’s what I’ve learned about people after going full freelance one year ago

One year ago, I left my 6 years job as a journalist behind, despite what everyone around me said about it. Heck, even my gut was confused, but deep down inside, I knew I was doing the right thing. Being a journalist was and still is amazing, as I am now a full-time collaborator to a motorsports magazine, but is one of those jobs that drain you at the end of the week.

The main concern of my family and friends was the popularity. Yup, that was the primary concern, that if I were to go private and start my own business as a freelance writer, which by the way took me one year to make it profitable, I’d become anonymous, never to be recognised as “someone” in the community of my little hometown.

What a stupidly superficial way of looking at things!

It was then and there that I decided to never, ever let people’s opinion screw me over. I decided to give little to no importance to what others were saying about me and my life choices.

Starting fresh is terrifying

I decided to do the mature thing and leave some people behind, including two very good friends that turned out to be nothing more than extra weights on my shoulders, two girlfriends over the course of 6 months and yes, my favourite job as a journalist.

When starting something new, the only way to make it is to give it 100% of your interest, time and effort for it

When you decide to go solo and do something with your life, but not necessarily something that is as public as being a journalist, you’re clearly setting up for a more relaxed, more paced way of living and working.

You are out of the spotlight, and into the workforce. You’re just another fellow that makes his way day by day, doing what he does and getting his paycheck at the end of the month.

But that’s just what people think, and I don’t care about what people think anymore. I dreamed about going freelance since forever, I knew it was the best fit for me and my lifestyle and I knew that I could make it if I were to put 100% of my time and effort into it.

Freelancing is freeing

Yes, it took me more than a year to make it work, to actually make it profitable and have a decent outcome out of it at the end of the month, but if I were to give up and get back on the job as a journalist, I’d be more miserable, angry and screwed than I was when I decided to live the job.

And people would still go ahead and mock me for my decisions, regardless of what they are, because that’s what people do. People are opinion machines that disregard the motives and focus on the outside layer of things.

Superficially, they think that just because you chose to go a different way than the one society dictates, you’re a failure, a moron and a disaster. The lesson from this whole shenanigans? Pretty simple, but life-changing!

“Never climb mountains for the world to see you. Climb mountains for you to see the world” — David McCullough Jr. at his ommencement speech at Wellesley High School

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