Oh No, Am I Deaf Now?

Day 129/365: A little scare at the end of the most relaxing trip I have ever taken…

I miss this place already!

I’m finally home after the most relaxing trip of my life. I spent 7 hours today travelling, switching between busses, trains, taxis and a plane. I am so blessed to be able to travel, to jump on a plane and just pause from everything for two or three days. I love what I do, and it’s growing. This allows me to do things like these, which nothing but incredible.

This was my 20th flight, I guess, but still, I can’t help but get a little anxious when I’m on board an aircraft from time to time. For example today, 15 minutes before landing, my ears popped. But like, they POPPED! Like, BAD as a motherf*cker! They hurt for 20 minutes, right until the plane landed.

I was completely deaf for 30 minutes. The guy at the immigration had to twice ask me about my age, and I could barely hear it. Then, I yelled I’m 25, and he looked at me like if I were Caligula…

It’s about 2 hours after the flight, and I’m still partially deaf. I know that I will not stay like this forever (Anxiety says “You HOPE you don’t, but you don’t know!) as this has happened to me before, but I’m still scared as hell. Hearing is just such an important sense, right up there with seeing. I guess it’s only natural to be scared of losing it!

I’m rambling. Look, this is one of those cheat days. I just wrote this because I have to. It’s the contract that I have with myself to write every single day of this year, and nevertheless, here I am. Sometimes, I really do believe you win just by showing up, like I’m doing right now. And this is a blog, which allows me to ramble from time to time, right?

The normal schedule will be reinstalled starting tomorrow. I’m off to put my prosecco in the fridge, and then drink it with the family.

I missed everybody.

Thank you for your time!

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