Ok, So I Cheated A Bit On The Challenge…

Day 279/365: It happens…

You guys know I’m an honest individual, right? What you don’t know is, right now, I’m coming home after a weeklong trip to Egypt, a country I’ve been dreaming about seeing ever since I was 5. It finally happened, but this never meant I was allowed to skip a day from this challenge.

The truth is, before I left, I wrote a series of 8 articles for the 8 days that I was gone. The only problem with this rather perfect plan was, Egypt has banned Medium. Yup, you can’t open, read and of course write on Medium while you’re in Egypt. Which was a huge problem for me the moment I found out about it!

Which was the first day of my trip, right before my first delicious dinner in my expensive Red Sea resort (I usually stay at the lowest priced hotels) with my balcony room with sea view.

Dinner was ruined.

I called one of my amazing colleagues and she was ready to help me. We struggled for hours to try and get her into my Medium account from back home. We finally managed to do so and she was able to help me for 4 days, but disaster stroke the fifth day, as she was left without internet for 2 days.

This is why I published the last three articles before this one on Friday, the day I got back home and am writing this post. I slept for only one hour last night, and when you are sleep deprived, you somehow become extremely honest and direct. Sleep makes you sincere.

I am sorry if you think this challenge is now a failure because I did what I had to do. The challenge for me was to have one article per day for every day of the week. Yes, they are supposed to go live in the same day they are written, but when disaster strike, like when you find out way after it was too late that Egypt has banned this platform in the entire country, you have to do what’s right and be honest about it.

My feeling about this incident is, it’s still a good and continuing challenge. At the end of the year, I’d still be writing 365 articles, one for each of the 365 days of the year. That’s pretty good, even if just once, for two days, I was unable to actually post the articles in the days they were supposed to.

I’m off to sleep now. I just realised this article goes up on Saturday, as I’m now covered and on time with the Friday article.

Yes, my eyes are shutting down. Literally.