On Hate And How To Avoid It

Day 108/365: Hate is just an illusion and yes, you can avoid it!

I’m a big fan of understanding the problem before trying to resolve it. For example with fears, you can’t beat your fear if you don’t really understand why is it that you fear a certain thing or situation.

It’s only when you understand that the brain is responsible for your actual feelings, actual physical sensations that you feel while being afraid of something, that you’ll be able to start and work on overcoming them.

But what is hate?

One certain aspect of people’s lives is hate. This has been around not for too long, to be honest. People never hated each other in the old times, and by old, I mean really old. Tens of thousands of years ago, people only lived to hunt, eat and reproduce. There was no hatred, no crimes, no illusionary vision for a brighter future for the man and his family.

“Hate: it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet” — Maya Angelou

Hate came into existence with the discovery of money and material gains. People usually hate other people for many reasons nowadays, and thank you Internet for that, but for the most part, it’s all about the fact that the neighbour has more money than you have. If you were to eliminate material possessions, what’s there left to hate someone for?

Hate can be diminished

Understanding that hate is just an unnatural response is the first step towards avoiding it. Hate comes when you think about how much fortunate someone else is then you are. In reality, there’s nothing that happiness and fortune have in common. If you were to be stripped naked of all of your possessions right now, and be left alone in a room for a day, would you feel more or less happy about who you are?

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Of course not. You are the only one who you should feel fortunate about, you are the only one who you should be comfortable with. Not your neighbour’s car or money, not his hot wife, not even your own possessions. They’re all there to help you with your modern life, but should you be deprived of them, there’s no reason to hate you or anybody else because of it.

“From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate” — Socrates

Why? Simply because humans are amazing creatures that still can make a decent living without having any of the material stuff they so abundantly have today. All you need is some food and water, and you can live with that.

How to “unhate” everything

Hate is just like cancer for the mind, in my opinion. I myself decided to never look for a reason to hate anybody else ever again because I’m just wasting my time and energy for the most idiotic of reasons.

There’s no hate in nature, there’s no hate in our ancestor’s history, so why would we, the modern human, succumb to such a worthless emotion just to get some sort of momentary satisfaction and to avoid having our brains explode in the middle of the day?

Hate is nothing but an illusion, just like fear is. Stop avoiding it, let it grip you entirely and then, understand the uselessness of it and slowly let it go. It might take you a while to master it, but never give up.

The benefits of a hateless life are incommensurable.

Good luck. And stop hatin’!

Thank you for your time!

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