On Patience and Calm

Day 164/365: I just lost my cool because of the Internet…

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It’s getting harder and harder to keep your patience and calm in the Internet era. Because of the Internet itself. It’s been exactly a week now since a power outage killed my internet connection. I’ve been on the phone with Customer Service at least 10 times in the last 7 days.

Mostly, they’d reboot something in the central system and the service would come back up, but go bad after an hour or so. I’d pick up the phone again, call them, they’d do the reeboot, the Internet would work for an hour and then stop working again.

Rince, repeat.

The thing about patience is, it really is a virtue for when you have it and keep your calm under control. When you’re pushed for longer periods of time into losing your patience, it’s extremely hard to actually manage it successfully. Especially when you’re working on the laptop and you need the internet to be good and strong.

The internet has been so bad this week, Google Docs would simply crash and not show my new documents because of how slow the speed was.

I’m now writing this post from my data on the phone. It’s extremely bad, but at least it holds up and I can deliver my work to my clients. I’ll take a two-weeks break off work starting from next Monday. My first thing to do on my holiday agenda is to change my Internet service provider.

I’ll them be able to return to my glorious state of patience and calm.

Until then, please don’t approach me if you see me. Keep your distance.

It’s for your own good and safety :)

Thank you for your time!

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