On Working Flawlessly

Day 159/365: Work towards “flawless” and you will reach it

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My work is always dependable on the daily schedule I write the night before. If I have to do something in between my tasks, it always gets delayed and I never am able to regroup to 100% since before the task. But the truth is, working flawlessly is merely impossible.

We are not robots

We humans are prone to distractions. They come from everywhere, every time. Today, I got delayed for about an hour because my piano came in the mail. I had to wait for the delivery guy to come by the house, pay for the goddamn thing and then install it because the excitement was too much.

When I got back at the desk an hour or so later, it was almost lunchtime. By that time in a regular day, I’d be done with Medium plus 60% of my work. At one o’clock, I was merely done with 30% and had no Medium article to munch on. On a Friday, nonetheless, which is a delivery day in my books.

Keep working towards “flawless”

You can’t work flawlessly under these conditions. In fact, you can’t under normal conditions either. But you can work towards delivering an almost flawless product every time, regardless of your surroundings. It matters less if you’ve been distracted in the middle of the day and more how you regroup and go back to it later.

Flawless work is for Tolstoi, Mozart or Spielberg. Flawless means you’ve just created a masterpiece. Flawless is when your work is recognised on a global scale. I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim for flawless work. I’m just saying you need to be patient for that quality of work to show up. It will, eventually, but the road to it is hard and costs you a lot of time.

Work towards “flawless” but never against yourself.

Thank you for your time!

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