One Week With The New Piano

Day 165/365: Having such an instrument at home is bliss!

“A fuzzy shot of a man's hands on the keyboard of a piano” by Isaac Ibbott on Unsplash

Suddenly buying a $400 piano in a house where everything is under renovation, from the heating system to the kitchen, living room and the exteriors might look like something a crazy person would do.

I am crazy, but this is not the point.

The point is, a week after buying my own piano, not only am I able to play Hedwig’s Theme almost perfectly and with both hands (which is hard as hell) but I’m also on my way to learn the Turkish March and also the first part of “Sherlock” theme song from the BBC series.

But besides that, I think the piano has given us as a family the chance to regroup. Once a day, we gather around it and make fun of one another at just how bad we are at playing it. I’m getting better by the day on it, but my dad is a failure with music. My mom uses her nails to play, which is funny to watch.

Music is life

The truth is, having a piano in my own house gives me the chance to simply disconnect at any moment in time and to just sit down and play some notes. Sometimes, they make no sense. Other times, they turn into some sort of music, and it sounds amazing to my untrained ear. The piano is a refuge 5 inches away from my desk, a refuge to calm, peace and fun.

Everybody in my family thought I was making a big mistake in buying the piano. They thought I’d just wasted a lot of money and the piano would gather a thick layer of dust on it a week later.

A week later though, they all love the piano and couldn’t be more excited about me learning to play it. I will put together a short clip from my practice, which I’ll upload on Facebook and share it with you guys here in a future post. Don’t laugh at me. Well, don’t laugh too hard at least…

P.S.: I know the last few articles were shosrter and a little bit weaker. I’m crazy busy with my personal project and also push hard to finish and deliver the last parts of the last two big jobs before my summer break which starts at the end of the month. Bear with me, I’ll deliver some good content in a few days!

Thank you for your time!

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